what character do you relate to most?

for me it would be sergeant forge.

mainly because A I try and take on chalanges without any help

and B I am awesome :slight_smile:

thats easy… 343 guilty spark :smiley:

for me I would have to say the arbiter because I dont always follow orders, If I feel like something needs to be done, I will do it even if it means disobaying orders to do it.

This guy

I would like to say that I relate mostly to Taylor “Dutch” Miles. of course first because he’s an ODST, but personally because of his faith in God, love of his wife and the camaraderie he shares with his fellow Marines. Session data

arbiter because i can go from hate respect

Well according to an IGN test:
How did it know?!

according to a personality test I am like Mastercheif!!!