What chapter is best for killing hunters?

I’m trying to kill 10 and I don’t know which missions have Hunters.

Honestly, there won’t be more than 2 Hunters in the current Episodes. They appear on Episode 1 Chapter 1, Episode 2 Chapter 3 and Episode 2 Chapter 4 at the moment. You could just rush in and kill the 2 Hunters in Episode 2, Chapter 3 and keep restarting, if that works.

Ep 2 chapter 2 (or 3, I forget, it’s the one with marines you have to save) has 2 hunters on one side of the map, and rocket launchers at the start of the mission.
have fun doing that mission 5 times in a row now!

Just do chapter 1 on easy its a 5-10 mins a match

There on mission 3 of episode 2 also, Hacksaw.

Hacksaw is easiest. The ones on Sniper Alley are further into the level, and the map is overall slightly harder. Also, the Hunters will sometimes fall to their deaths, denying you a kill.