What Changes Would Need to be Made to Classic Halo Maps to Fit in Infinite?

It’s no secret Halo fans are craving some familiar maps for Infinite’s multiplayer. Not that we don’t already have familiar-looking maps (Behemoth being straight out of Custom Edition and kin to Relic from Halo 2; Fragmentation being a ‘tightened’ version of a Halo-PC-style addition; Recharge feeling like the lovechild of Prisoner and some random Halo 5 map… the list goes on) but overall, Infinite’s maps do feel a little lacking with less variety and a little less of the magic Halo’s maps used to have. Many of the big team battle maps have extremely similar environments and a ‘funnelled’ layout that forces players down certain paths, especially when operating vehicles. Many of the arena maps feature that same “ramps, walkways and corridors” attitude the majority of Halo 5’s maps had. Halo players are missing that variety and creativity classic Halo maps had over the years, and it would be a hell of a treat to see some of them return.

However… It’s no secret that Halo Infinite plays differently from classic Halo. Naturally, map remakes that return in Infinite would require adjustments to compliment Infinite’s movement, visuals, gunplay and sandbox.

What multiplayer map would you like to see return in Infinite, and more importantly, what changes would you make to ensure the map suits Infinite’s gameplay?

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If Blood Gulch had a structure in the center it would fit, especially if the map spawns tanks on both ends.

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So pretty much Bloodline with Halo Infinite aesthetics? I see the appeal. For me, all I’d do to Blood Gulch would be to exaggerate the terrain a bit; make the paths lower and the hills a bit higher without limiting vehicle tracks to narrow trenches. Maybe place a couple of trees (not more pines) for Grappleshot traversal. Voila!

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Honestly, most maps may need only a 10% scale at most, but should otherwise be perfectly fine as they are. If you watched gameplay or actually played Halo Online, you would know that all the Halo 3 maps fit perfectly fine with Sprint and all the new weapons and armor abilities, so they should fit perfectly fine in Infinite, especially massive maps like Sidewinder, Blood Gulch, Avalanche, and Diamondback. Some of the more congested arena maps in CE were remade for Reach for the Halo anniversary in MCC, and also feel perfectly fine. I think CE maps would be great with grapple. I’d also love to grapple the giant windmill in Last Resort.

You have no idea how much I’ve been craving a remake of Sidewinder since Halo 2. I never really found Avalanche satisfying to play on as much of the fun of Sidewinder were those multiple tunnels and pathways through and around the cliffs, all of which were replaced with much less interesting mancannons in Avalanche. I’d send all the pizzas in the world to 343i for a faithful Sidewinder remake in Infinite.

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Mmm yes, actually. I like this much better. Just make the center hill a little taller and lower the ground around the bases even more, deepen the side paths a bit… yes.
But keep the bases where they were in Halo Reach. Imagine both bases being towers with 3 levels each.

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for sure blood gulch. id like to see Lockout too

Oh there are quite a few I could see playing well with the sandbox of Infinite. They would definitely need some adjustments but the overall layout would work fine.
I’ll go by title.

Battle Creek, Boarding Action, Chill Out, Death Island, Damnation

Sanctuary, Ascension, Ivory Tower, Lockout, Zanzibar

Citadel, Construct, Epitaph, Ghost Town, High Ground, Narrows, Sandtrap, and, of course, THE PIT

I think some of these maps will of course need tuning, but the possibilities are insane with the grapple and repulsor movement alone. Each of these maps offer something, be it scripted elements or verticality that would all be incredibly fun within the sandbox of Infinite.

sprint and clamber are going to change the way a lot of them play

Add to that how strong the equipment are, and if you have any of those on the map it’s a whole new issue to discuss

and finally, many of the weapons are really different than prior halos, so the maps will play uniquely by comparison.

Bigger scale and any map structures should probably stand taller, too, to accommodate clambering and the grapple.

I’d argue that Sprint won’t really have an effect on the maps since the speed boost is miniscule, but Clamber is going to make everything stretched out vertically. Grenade Jumps are weak in this game compared to the other Halo titles, and Grenade Jumps aren’t viable in situtations they would have traditionally worked. Clamber is going to hurt the verticality of maps like The Pit and Ascension.

As for equipment, since they are map pickups, they won’t necessarily ruin maps if the complementary ones spawn, such as Thrusters for any of the old maps, Grappleshot in Blood Gulch/Coagulation, or Repulsor in Headlong.

If classic maps were added, I’d want them exactly the same, with no changes. The only reason I say this is because I was disgusted by a different game that sold as a new game but had exactly the same maps, but with different themes. If it were possible to put classic maps in, I would want a classic game option, like quick play or BTB, where they weren’t tied to the current maps. You would only play classic maps in that game mode.

I think the big challenge is just adjusting to the grapple shot. Most ledges on the old maps are meant to be crouch jumped and the new maps are made with grapple and clamber in mind. I still think most maps would work perfectly fine. Their are also BTB maps that I always thought needed a higher player count so they wouldn’t even need adjusted much. Containment, Waterworks and Highlands are a few that would fit that bill(also none have ever received remakes.)

Smaller/medium maps that would fit with little to no adjustments and would be fun with grappleshot Include Damnation, Ivory Tower, Hang em high, Burial Mounds and countless others. The only maps I feel would need big adjustments are the tiny open maps like Wizard/Warlock and Midship.

All in all I just really want Containment or Waterworks remade. Two maps that just deserve it and would fit wonderfully in Infinite. Infinite’s BTB upped the player count but over compensated on the map sizes. Those older BTB maps would be frantic and fun. Two things that are really rare in the new BTB.

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Fortunately, Sprint doesn’t seem to be as intrusive as it was in Halo 5, and yeah, Infinite’s equipment is a game changer (literally). To ensure that the addition of the Grapplehook and Repulsor feel worth it, they need to continue to be present on most (not necessarily all) maps. The effort to support both items without overpowering them is probably what’s going to impact map design the most across the board. Sprint and clamber are going to influence smaller maps in particular. And regarding Infinite’s weapons, it feels like there’s much more emphasis on precision than before, which means sight-lines need to be scrutinized.

Cover should be available for both vehicles and infantry without overdoing it. Currently, a lot of the maps feel a little restricted, like vehicles have no real choice of where to drive, putting them at a disadvantage rather than providing the power they used to grant to the player in previous Halo titles. For a map as large as Fragmentation, it’s oddly cramped. That’s why my suggestion is to add those more open maps like your Blood Gulch, Sidewinder, Waterworks, Sandtrap, etc. to improve player freedom while focusing on terrain to both obscure and provide necessary sight-lines. By this, I mean keeping hills smooth but exaggerated. Adding the very occasional rock or tree here and there without restricting vehicle paths. Steepening slopes, elevating rises, but not forming restrictive cliffs or walls.

That’s just the larger maps. I’d be keen to see how maps like Battle Creek, Boarding Action, Ascension, Backwash, Construct, etc. all with fascinatingly unique designs can be pulled off in Infinite. Maps in previous Halo’s played differently from one another. Multiplayer maps post-Halo 4 (Halo 5, Infinite and other FPSs) all seem to focus on the same idea, as if created to provide a single experience rather than the range of experiences offered in older Halo’s via the inclusion of unique layouts. The conception of a multiplayer map should vary. High Ground, Isolation and Snowbound are all roughly the same size, but they’re each designed with entirely different goals in mind. That’s what Halo had throughout the 2000s and maintained somewhat up to Halo 4 but completely lost after that. That’s what we need, but how it should be executed in Infinite with the aforementioned differences (sprint, player-focused equipment and precision-weapon-focus) is the real question. I’d love for 343i to attack this idea with everything they have to bring back the classics. Give us varied maps, with memorable designs that play differently yet don’t take away from the Infinite identity. How do you make a Battle Creek in Infinite without the Grapplehook tearing it apart? How do you do an Ivory Tower where sprint and the Repulsor don’t utterly break the combat? How can you produce a Damnation where Stalker Rifles, Battle Rifles and long-ranged ARs aren’t refusing to let players breathe?

We need variety. We love legacy. How do we make it work?

Don’t forget that Aquarius is just the newborn child of midship/truth.

Concerning the topics of necessary adjustments for Infinite the starting weapon is a major factor. The last couple of years maps have transitioned from open (blood gulch, sidewinder, hang ‘em high) to more spaced combat because the sandbox moved to more reliable precision weapons.

I think infinite has the same challenge in map design and that’s why some maps works great for social, but struggle on ranked (primarily bazaar and behemoth). So I think most classic maps would actually work great in social without adjustments, and the arena style maps also in ranked. For BTB players need some extra protection from the BR that’s laser accurate at long range as supposed to previous games.

My wish list for maps is primarily Lockout, Fathom and any snow biome level (I really want to see that in this engine :blush: )

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To be fair, this has always been at least somewhat the case. I could never stand Standoff (not intended) for this reason. Stepping out of your base would always lead to instant death by a barrage of BRs. Open maps have always got to be carefully planned to avoid such a situation, and most maps succeeded over the years.

Regarding the starting weapon, I believe the lack of close-to-mid-ranged automatic weapons in Infinite is holding it back. In previous titles, we’ve had the MA5B or the SMG plus the plasma rifle, spike rifle, needler and plasma repeater (hell, even the suppressor, storm rifle or SAW) . Now, it seems that if you don’t have a laser-accurate mid-to-long-ranged weapon from the start, your death is unavoidable. That’s why I feel like the “Halo Trilogy” maps would struggle in Infinite if not altered: Battle Creek, Chill Out, Damnation, Turf, Midship, Gemini… There’s not a lot of room for different play styles on such maps in Infinite. You’d pretty much have to camp to be safe, which is a shame because, as I said, we crave the variety those maps normally offer.

I’m by no means an expert on Halo map design, I don’t know every single map that has ever been released but I’d like to learn (teach me senpai :pleading_face: )

Halo Infinite’s BTB is huge, so I think maps that are relatively small (I’m thinking Boardwalk from Reach small) would be ridiculous for BTB, whereas some of the huge ones (Halo 4 had a few of these) would certainly fit. Infinite is such a weird game that probably any map from past Halos would feel very different.

As for 4v4 the map pool already has a few really good Oddball maps (Live Fire, Recharge, Streets) so I think maps like Guardian wouldn’t add much because it doesn’t offer too many things that existing maps don’t, however a map like Narrows I feel would be great.

Its also worth noting that quite a few maps are just not worthwhile to be given unique map assets, like The Pit for example, it can 100% be done in Forge because the map was never an aesthetically impressive map design wise. Some maps though certainly would benefit from being hand made by devs.

Edit: Almost any Halo map from previous Halos would probably work for Infinite, the question is whether or not it should be included at all.

I think all it would boil down to is the scale

No need to change the maps, just remove Sprint from gametypes played on those 1:1 remakes

I personally do want any remade maps in infinite. Every Halo has done this and it just gets boring after the 7th time it’s remade. Don’t get me wrong, Lockout, Midship, Guardian are amazing maps and I love them, but I would rather them to invest time in new map design.

Once forge releases, let the community go wild with recreating the classics.