What challenges could have been

I think over the past few years challenges have sort of become tied to being a different way of just earning XP in games. Complete a challenge, earn more XP. I think this is ok to an extent, but there is a better way to use challenges as a mechanic for player progression.

Challenges should have been tied to specific customisation pieces like visors, helmets, chest piece, etc. (not colors, we should be able to select those ourselves how we want).

Right now challenges mean nothing, they’re just a way to progress through the battle pass. I think what would have been better is if the system went something like “if you want the gold visor, you have to headshot 150 enemies with the sniper”. These challenges should be tracked continuously, so every challenge is always active. What this means is that if say you see someone with a gold visor, you know “hey they probably know how to use the sniper”.

This opens up a lot of player choice since someone who couldn’t care less about a gold visor doesn’t have to actively pursue that challenge, they may get it after a while (since all challenges are always tracked) but they don’t have to. Basically this means that you can unlock the armour that you want, unlike now where you just mindlessly grind XP to linearly move through the battle pass.

TLDR; If you want a certain piece of armour, then you have to complete a challenge specific to that piece. Players can choose what to unlock by focusing on those challenges. Every challenge is tracked all the time which means you get to decide “do I really want Emile’s helmet enough to get 150 energy sword kills? Yes.” or just play and passively progress towards the goal.

This isn’t perfect, but I think it’s a lot better than what we have now with the battle pass and progression being blocked (you can only get 50XP for playing a match for 30 matches in a day).