what cause xbox one s to break

Ive had this Xbox for about a year and yesterday when i turned it on there was no signal and the controller wouldn’t connect after trying 100 times it finally came on but went to a green screen for about 30 mins then a black screen for another 30 mins then to the trouble shooting screen which i tried to factory reset but it just froze, after an hr i turned it off buy unplugging it cause it wouldn’t turn off the right way and now can never get it to get signal again, i ended up smashing it and throwing it away, what could have been the problem was it salvageable

Destroying and binning it after a day of issues is an extreme and not very sensible move.
It’s a bit of a moot point now but you could’ve tried Xbox support for possible solutions or to get it repaired.

there is no warranty for it, it would of cost more to fix than i paid for it

This is more of a question for the Xbox forums vs the Halo forums.