What capital ships do you want to see in Infinite?

One of the things about halo games that always leaves a big impression on me are moments where capital ships roar over your head, past a window on a station or circle in the distance digging up an ancient artifact hidden beneath the earth. Even cooler are when we get to see fleets of ships together. If you could chose 3 capital ships for UNSC and Covenant to be in infinite (or 4 for one and 2 for the other) which would you choose to represent each faction? Personally for the UNSC:

  • Infinity: ill be shocked if infinity isn’t in infinite. - Autumn Class: good classic halo vibes. EDIT: refering to the larger post war ship with shields here. - Strident class: while i do slightly prefer the old frigate designs i think lore wise the strident better represents the post war UNSC fleet and the infinity can carry them so ill go with it.Covenant:

  • CAS Assault Carrier: The classic, would love to see the shadow of intent return specifically. I can imagine a rag tag fleet of hold outs against the created led by it and infinity. - CCS Battle cruiser: the classic. - SDV corvette: reach vibes.Basically i mostly want the classic ships back, at least for the covenant. I wasn’t a big fan of the H5 ones tho the blocade runner has a nice design, but 6 ships is probably already way more then we will see.

Is the Autumn class even still in use at this point? would be nice to see none the less

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> Is the Autumn class even still in use at this point? would be nice to see none the less

The autumn class is actually a new post war class that visually looks identical to the pillar of autum but its a bit larger and has energy shields like the infinity/strident classes.

Im not a big fan of the infinity’s design. In general the UNSC ships come off very generic to me, but the covenant ships have always looked sleek and -Yoink!-. To be honest as long as they have a cool set piece like the frigate landing in H3 I’ll be happy.

UNSC Eternity!