what can I REALLY expect from the windows version?

Please keep my expectations in check. While I’m happy this will be on PC as well, for last few years I haven’t heard anything great or exceptional about the windows versions of Microsoft exclusive games. As far as I’m aware Gears was a flop, killer instinct was a flop, and both riddled with bugs and glitches that drove the communities away.

IS there a success story that can keep me optimistic that this game won’t go down the same route? Don’t mean to be pessimistic, just want to keep it real (for my own peace of mind than anything).

Do you mean flop as in bad ports or just low sales? I heard H5 forge on PC has issues so that’s not a good sign for HI.

I mean a little bit of everything. From what I’ve heard about other windows versions of games, the community populations are low from the start and die off quickly, games have a lot more bugs and glitches due to bad porting or whatnot, and so I’m worried this game will be no different.

Ever since Microsoft started this whole play anywhere thing it seems to me like they’ve neglected promoting the windows version of these games.

I think that there will be less glitches for Halo Infinite’s PC launch because it is being made with it’s console counterpart instead of just being a port. About the population issue there isn’t much that can be done, a steam launch could be possible but I’m sure microsoft is going to want to keep a tight grasp on their flagship launch.

I hope it will scale beyond the Xbox One X in terms of graphics. Especially since it’s not coming anytime soon.

Good to have it confirmed on PC though. :slight_smile: It’s great news that Halo FPS games are back on PC.