What can Halo do better for everyone.

I had to repost because of some issues please take a read im all for feedback.

I Made this title to get you attention. My name is Gravy Spin im a X competitive Halo player, and i have never loved or devoted myself to a gaming franchise as much as Halo. I have played Halo for the last 10 years I started with CE when I was 6. I enjoyed everything it had to offer. Halo CE was my personal favourite because i had so many fond memories with the game, and the friends I played it with. I Felt the same about halo 2 and 3 they were all awesome. I got competitive in Halo Reach, challenging so many players to competitive online custom games it was incredible. I met a lot of great people within the Halo community. This is brief over view of my experience I kept it short because i want to discuss my real topic that I’m delivering.

What i am about to share with you is my knowledge for the community and for the game. What i think 343 should implement into the game and what to scrap. I am very good at Halo, when I say that i just don’t mean Multiplayer, i mean every thing to forging, to the campaign and i guess i can say i got theatre skills too. <— LOL

My ideas are going to revolve around each Halo implemented into there Franchise. What im saying is take everything that each Halo had to offer, and create a product that is the best it can be. A very original idea indeed but, I think it should work in the situation we are in. Halo Xbox one will sell no matter what it will pull what i like to call a Halo 3. Halo 3 was the first big franchise xbox 360 had on the market, this what I believe is one of the major reasons why it has out sold Halo Reach and 4. The sales between Halo 2, Halo Reach and Halo 4 are very close. Halo 3 on the other hand sold 3 million more copies than reach and 4 and 2. If there was a time to make Halo shine it would be now. Halo Xbox one will be like Halo 3 again giving it an opportunity to enhance the community’s population Microsoft’s console is new again and this is time for the game to shine once again. No need to put weight in 343s shoulders but this is either going to make or break Halo for good.

This is what i believe they should do i said before they should take everything Halo has to offer. So lets make a quick list.

Halo CE
-Campaign had the best story line, and was the strongest alongside with halo 3

-Some of thr best music in a video game.

-Showing all the difficulties you beat the game on not just legendary creates more replayability to the campaign.

Halo 2
-Scrap the button combos dont look at the BXR or the double or the quad shot this will break the game.

-Use the head shot physics, there has not been a Halo that made the Br and snipe feel more powerful than Halo 2. The rag doll physics were the best in Halo 2 don’t make the head shot physics like they do in Reach and 4 when there is a head shot animation.

-Clan battles was awesome in Halo 2. This will make 343 closer to its community and it will make Halo Xbox one that much more competitive.

Halo 3

-Ranking system needs to be a Halo 3 no matter what CSR is not good. Its allows stating in halo 4. The Halo 3 tanking system kept Halo to its roots there was no worry about KD just to win this made the game very Competitive and addictive. People wanted there 50s and in order to get a 50 you had to be very good at the game, and you had to play to win. You need to have something that accurately finds de rankers and boosters. Btw it needs to be a in game 50 not a Waypoint 50.

  • Ranked and social Playlists is a easy one ill explain in a sec.

  • Multiplayer is titled Matchmaking.

-Jumping height and vertical Physics bouncing off walls and such

Halo Reach

-Ranking system was also great Halo Reach. Halo Xbox one needs to calculate experience the player has had over certain time. It will reward the casual players for losing as there Competitive rank will go down but they still get experience for playing the game.

-Armour is huge, what i believe is that use the currency system from reach the casual players like it while the competitive people either believe its cool or don’t care, competitive players will have there 50s.

-Halo Reach forge superior to Halo 4s just easier.

-Forge world was incredible landscape to build your creations.

-Everything is vertical form the menu to looking at the players on the opposite team.

Halo 4

-Join in session i think is key but make it in the social playlist only

-Assassinations is a community favourite try to think of ways you could take them to the next level like you did with the flag assassination as well as the ball.

-Load outs as well but dumb them down Br, DMR, AR only. Think of the weapons like this

Br = Rock

DMR = Paper

AR = Scissors

They work well with each other and we have seen that in halo 4

-Icons when weapons are picked up, but put that in a social playlist only.

-Discuss the forerunners more


-Fire Fight

-Fire Fight was very challenging do the same ODST made firefight very fun and competitive.


-Competitive Tournaments


-Dual Wielding

-Silenced SMG


-Remastered DLC best maps from all the Halo games Ce-4 one from each game.

What the game will look like if my ideas are applied.

You start up the game, you will here that familiar sound like you you did 10 years ago. This time remastered with a Halo Xbox one twist but still the originality the series and the fans have come to love. You notice something moving in the background something having to relate to the story its creates a setting with its own originality and own meaning. Your first thoughts overwhelm you with excitement. Signing into Xbox live you See the main menu. Your options are listed in order, campaign, Matchmaking, fire fight Theatre. Simple Like Halo should be. You click Campaign you notice a large campaign with slots for all the difficulties you can complete the game on. You simply back out this the button push of B. As the main menu still rings its holy chimes. You scroll down vertically, and click Matchmaking to investigate the wonders it possesses. Showing all you friends playing as well as some of the most classic playlists separating them with a Social and ranked options. You look at your Spartan with its default looking armour as well showing your a recruit rank and 1 in the competitive matchmaking rank slot. You simply hit start and you eyes set on the first pieces of armour that can be purchased.

I wrote this in 20 minutes guys so thanks for reading if you read the entire thing I really don’t think Halo is Dying but, I do want to see the population rise to the top again. If you feel like you need to contact me my gamertag is
Gravy Spin thanks for reading.



In Sangheili

And what of us sangheili players? Should we go unmentioned in this?
At the very least the CC should be in there as a load-out choice, I also feel it should not contain long range weps those belong on the map it should be BR/CC and a halo reach AR as a secondary or just magnum and put the post tune halo 4 assault rifle on maps.

I would also like to add that AAs are not bad if done right like…HOLO and Thruster they add a layer of skill while not being anything game changing thus not affecting the core.

The only part of that post I didn’t like was including the DMR in loadouts. The reason for this being, its scope is too powerful.