What BL 2 element is the plasma rifle/storm rifle?

Alright, so lately I have been playing a tonne of Borderlands 2 and also just finished reading The Fall of Reach. Now, we all know that plasma weapons in halo deal heavy damage to electrical equipment such as shields. But, they can also melt through armour in the books and can also burn flesh off your body. Don’t forget about putting any pressure on the wound, because that would hurt a lot.

Now, the elements in BL 2 go like this:
Fire: deals high damage to flesh, but is weak against armoured enemies such as robots and is weak to shields
Corrosion: deals high damage to armoured targets like robots, but is weak to shields like fire weapons
Shock: deals high damage to shields and barely anything can resist it except certain enemies
Slag: when you hit someone/something with slag, all non slag weapons deal more damage and it cannot be resisted at all by any means

Does the plasma rifle/ storm rifle suit these? Because if you ask me, I believe that the pr and sr fit under all of these 4 elements.
What do you guys think?

They are shock.
The weapons in Halo 5 work in a trifecta.
UNSC: equal DMG to shield and flesh
Cov: eats shields
Forerunner: eats flesh