What armor would you like to see return?

Throughout Halo 3, ODST, Reach, and Halo 4, we have had many different Armor Permutations to customize our Spartans/ODST and <mark>even Elites</mark>. I was wondering which already-existing Permutations the Waypoint community would like to see make a return appearance in Halo Xbox One.

List what you would like to see here, but please try to name which Halo title your choices are from.

Armor Permutations I’d like to see return;

Halo 3

  1. Hayabusa

Halo 3: ODST

  1. ODST
  2. Recon

Halo: Reach

  1. CQB

Halo 4

  1. Recruit (to indicate that SPARTAN-IVs and ODSTs are entirely different
  2. Warrior
  3. Scout
  4. War Master
  5. Venator
  6. Pathfinder
  7. Rogue
  1. Rogue (Halo 4)
  1. Pilot (Reach)
  2. Operator (Halo 4)
  3. EVA (Reach Version)
  4. Scout (Halo 3 version)
  5. Rouge (Halo 3 version)
  6. EOD
  7. Elite Ranger (Reach)
  8. Elite Pilot (Halo 3)



Oh and ODST :slight_smile:

Mark V.

Enough said.

I would simply like to see all of the armor permutations and most of the emblems return. It’s been way too jarring an experience to have some armor types that I used in previous games just disappear.

  1. ODST
  2. Recon
  3. Hayabusa
  4. War Master
  5. EVA
  6. EOD
  7. Venator
  8. HAZOP
  9. CIO
  10. Aviator
  1. EVA (Reach version)
  2. Recon (Halo 4)
  3. ODST
  4. Zealot elites (reach)
  5. Hayabusa
  6. Spec. Ops elites (Reach)
  7. Aviator

Mark V variant (aka the Noble Six helmet).
It’s my favorite helmet out of all the Halo games. Since the Mark VII armor looks similar to Mark V, I’m hoping it makes a return in some form.

ODST. Seriously. That’s the only thing I need!

> ODST. Seriously. That’s the only thing I need!

And of course Mark V.

Honestly, there wasn’t any armor in Halo 4 that I liked. But I’d like to see ODST and Mark V return.

All the armor in Halo 4 made the Spartans look like cyborgs.

I didn’t really like any of the armor from Reach or Halo 4, I’d like to see most of the armor from Halo 3 though.

I want my “lovely” Recon to be in the next title. Also, i want to see ODST, Mark V, FOTUS, Scout, Air Assault, Warrior, Wetwork, Locus, Deadeye, Gungnir, and Venator return in the next title.

Mark VI-the Halo 4 campaign armor
Mark V
Air Assault
Elite Ranger
Elite Zealot
Elite Commando

I find the lack of CQB in this thread disturbing…

> I find the lack of CQB in this thread disturbing…

I want CQB!

And pretty much all the the armor from Halo 3. I understand the situation regarding Hyabusa so I’ll let that slide but Halo 3’s armor options should always be the starting point when a new armory is being built and then you just add on to that.

Haunted helmet from Halo Reach

None, just keep Mark IV and V thats it, seems to me Halo has now become mroe of a dressup doll game than an FPS.

Id rather have working Forge, Theatre, Fileshare, Custom games, than have the time and effort deviated to create armor to make my barbie doll look pretty.