what armor from halo 3 and reach you would like to see back in halo 4

I liked CQB a lot and was very pleased to see it back in Reach.
Hope CQB wil return in halo 4

Kats robot arm is pretty cool in Reach. Especially when giving someone a melee to the face.

Operator from Reach. I bought it for 8000 at some lowly rank and I’m now a Noble and still rocking it.

Were is the all from every HALO game button…

Why not different people like different armor

ODST and Commando. I used ODST in Halo 3 and kept on using it until I could get the Commando helmet in Reach.

Updated Halo 3 Commando Armor (Elite)


Hayabusa, and recon needs its special name back.

Commando helmet, Mark V, and Halo 3’s Recon shoulders. Katana too, if its rare.