What Armor do you 343I Employees use?

I’ve been making a Party Animal restitution, and through it learned how to appreciate Halo in the spectrum it’s rumored as, the whole vsing the Covenant of Persians thing and the Bible stuff with that.
I’m Catholic, but the Romans never got to my Country Poland, Catholic did though. We had an Order or Catholic Crusaders specifically to help defeat the Northern Crusades, and well with France ending the Southern Crusaders I managed it into quite the good manifestation.

But it wouldn’t of happened if I didn’t like Role-Playing as my SPARTAN Commando\Ranger|Operator. I started with H2 but was never a centurion type, it was the random profile customizations for me that I enjoyed imagining myself being a Commando of that game. Halo 3 I joined Xbox Live and became a rival. In 3 I went Rogue then Role-Played E.V.A. for the Ladies. Halo 4 I enjoyed being the Rogue more, and also did Hazop. I took a massive few year break to skateboard and party that way. When I came back the MCC and Halo 5 were out for like a year or two already. I like Vector, and again the Rogue. H5 seems the best game so far, I’m absolutely hoping for Halo 6, the Megabloks Halo game with Halo 3 RANKS to supermissive to maybe a HALO MMORPG for all the military sects, like Air Force specifically, Army, Marines, Coast Guard, get all the Navy stuff assimilated for a variety of awesome playing. Or a Gray Team specific game, instead of some new ODST title. Those are just imaginative hopes as wonders, I’m only certain about the Halo 6 going to be bigger than Halo Infinite. I’m a more main type of gamer, than this recrational type, but like I said the Megabloks would be a great joy to my life.

I rambled there, uh MP and Viper I’m dabbling with. Zmija is Polish for Viper, and I love that Viper is like ya’ll just don’t accept that snakes see in anthropology heatsense. Me too.

But,yeah, what Armors do You Employees of 343 Industries use for multiplayer? Have you been that type of Player since Halo 3, or Halo 4, or Halo 5, or Infinite?

Not a 343 employee but there’s one i encountered who wore yoroi with the 343 coating and had the noble fire(blue flames) armor effect and it looked great

I see “343” names commonly on Halo Infinite, but I don’t acknowledge them playing in my games, I just can’t believe they’re the real Employee. And there’s not much variety on Halo Infinite, too. Halo 5 has the most.

What’s their coating?

Unicorn dream

Edit to include link to ine of the images i captured a while back

Thanks for that. I can think that being a “syops” thing when coaxing roleplaying Girls in elementary school. 343 Industries you sure are adverse, sure are…