What arena maps would You like in the future ?

Good morning lads !
So, after 343 finally fixing the aiming (or more like giving us an option to fix it ourselves), my passionate love
for Halo has been reignited. Since I am not a big fan of clusterfucky gameplay of warzone where one man
cannot make a difference if the whole team is absolutely uncoordinated, I always stick with arena.
So, having gotten back into arena, I was thrown into the new map, Overgrowth. And let me tell You -
I HATED IT, almost as much as I hate fathom (for different reasons though), and the short range radar made the
already very spartan-charge heavy map absolute cancer to play.
Not hating on anything, I probably just need to suck it up and brush up on my CQC skills eh…
So, let me get to the point:
I am pretty sure there will be some maps that are universally hated by 90% of community, and since I am under
illussion that 343 listens to our feedback (albeit delivering the fixes past the due date), I wanted to ask You guys this:
What are two of Your most hated maps in arena, and what kind of two new maps would You like to see (be it remasters or new maps, give me some specifics, maybe a short description of what You would like to see. I will go first :
A. Maps I would love to see:

  1. Lockout
  2. Zanzibar
    For some reason I don’t really like verticality in my FPS games, rather would just have more cover, open field, sunny beautiful landscapes and all that Jazz.
    Also, since these most likely would be BTB maps, please no BR starts and no BR in the map ! Or maybe treat it like power weapons and spawn 2 BRs, one
    for each side. At first I loved having BRs on BTB maps, but later on realised that it becomes a BR snipe fest very quickly, with AR being close to useless.
    For me, 343 completely nailed magnum in this game, I just love it, love the ADS, love the sound, love the TTK… all in all my fav weapon in Halo 5.
    So Yeah, just give us pistol/AR starts and we’re golden.
    B. Maps I would love to get rid off.
  3. Fathom - for some reason it’s too unpredictable for me, I am a fan of 3 lane map designs and being flanked 24/7 is just rage inducing… Probably I just suck though… Also, hate the art style of that map, it’s too dark, cold and in that way very reminiscent of -Yoink- weather we have for bigger part of the year in where I am from.
  4. Empire - Yes, You heard me. Probably gonna get some flak for this one, but I think this map is not made for 8 players… It is usually such a nade fest (not like other maps aren’t) where You cannot dodge out of the way most of the time…
    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents, forgive me for some grammatical errors, english is not my primary language, but at least I hope You understand what I am trying to say.
    Waiting for Your feedback !