What are your top requests for the November update?

  • ALL menu backgrounds and loading screens from Halo CE, Halo 2C, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 3 Mythic and Halo Reach - as well as these trailers, H2 TV trailer, H3 Announcement, H3 Starry Night, H3 Believe and the H3ODST trailer that features the drop pod - all added as MCC menu backgrounds.

  • The missing Halo Online armours and maps added to H3 - except for Diamondback which should go into Reach.

  • H3ODST Firefight maps added to H3(would be nice for Forge and BTB).

  • H3 Arbiter’s armour, H3 Pilot Marine armour, H3 Campaign ODST armour and H3ODST squad armours added to H3 customization.

  • H2 campaign Elite variations playable in H2 multiplayer.

  • CE concept armours and CE Elites playable in CE multiplayer.

  • NMPD Cop, H3 Lord Hood, H3 Miranda Keyes, Raven squad and as many H3 NPCs as possible playable in H3ODST Firefight.

  • Metagame & Leaderboards fixed and spruced up. Firefight leaderboards.

  • Able to play as your custom character in each title’s campaign.

  • The file limit only limited by available local storage. Overhauled File Browser & Fileshare system.

  • Party Up & Veto & Quicksearch & in-game AFK Timeout & opt-in Join in Progress features implemented for matchmaking.

  • H3 Forge overhauled as much as humanly possible. At minimum; Object limit increased. QoL features. H3 & H3ODST campaign objects, a wide variety of terrain chunks(Flood Mass, dirt, mud, sand, pebbles, rocks, snow, ice, water, grass, concrete/urban), the ability to add and remove any and all barriers, able to make custom map thumbnails.

  • Magnum & Plasma Rifle implemented into ODST.

  • Escalation & Headhunter gametypes implemented into H3.

  • Drastically more in depth custom games options across the board.

  • Bots.

  • Steam workshop and a content pipeline officially implementing cream of the crop mods into MCC.

  • After completing a campaign level you should be able to choose ‘Continue’, ‘Replay’ or ‘Quit’.

  • PC Splitscreen.

  • New skulls and all skulls for all titles.

  • Per piece Reach Elite customization.

  • Commendations system for each individual title and MCC as a whole. Able to select favourite Commendations and medals to be displayed on player card.

  • CEA ‘Library’ feature fully realized for all titles and no need for Kinect. A very comprehensive archive which is viewable in the main menu. There should be any and all archival materials in here as well as a main menu music selector.

  • In Playlists, enemies/allies/vehicles/weapons/grenades/equipment should all be remixed so they’re fresh and no longer redundant.


Halo CE and Halo 2 Classic hit registration to be on parity with the original games.


Ok here are my top picks:

  • Target locator for Halo 4 Forge

  • Like OP said, increase private file limit to local storage

  • Removable boundaries as a custom game option/Forge setting for ALL games in the collection

  • ODST Armor for H2A

  • Arbiters armor for both H2A and H3

  • The body armors of the mideaval sets for Halo Reach

  • Every Challenge awards Spartan Points, blue or gold

  • The Exchange is overhauled to work as a catalogue, no more FOMO… All items not in the seasons will be here at all times.

  • Maybe a small amount of new Visors for H2A

  • Orion Armor for CE

  • Target Locator retagged so that it can show up in both Halo Reach Fiesta modes as well as Halo 4 Fiesta modes.

  • Target Locator in Forge upped from 1 to at least 8 so you can just have a full 4v4 of Target Locators, it will be glorious.

  • Target Locator as a spawn weapon option for Reach and 4 for those who don’t want to Forge it themselves.


Will never happen, but:

Complete overhaul of the matchmaking system:

  • Removal of the weight system for Social MM
  • Addition of a VETO system (not VOTING, VETO, very different)
  • Player numbers visible so you don’t have to waste time sitting in queue for an hour only to realize nobody is searching 8v8 anymore for some reason
  • Halo Online content - including the maps Skybridge, Reactor & Diamondback added
  • Veto
  • Cut content such as; the cut MCC Reach Armour, Halo 4 weapon skins, nameplates etc
  • Halo Reach campaign visor colours, armour & attachments.
  • More bug fixes to all of the games
  • Quit game option after finishing a mission with scoring or time on, before loading into the next mission

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I’ll go most reasonable to least reasonable request on a game by game basis:

Halo 3: ODST

  • Stealth Elites restored as enemies, given the Commando Harness, and added to the wave selection for Firefight (both Minors and Majors were in the files for Halo 3 and went unused)

  • Spec Ops Grunts restored as allies and added to the Night Time Floodfight Boons to support existing Spec Ops Elites (were in the files for Halo 3 and went unused outside of being a reference render for a single 10th anniversary Mcfarlane Toys Figure; VA currently works at 343 and hopefully could possibly be asked to add new dialogue)

  • Brute Trackers restored to fill the Brute Sniper rank and added to Firefight (were in the files for Halo 3 but went unused as Ultras were used instead; would make for an interesting wave visually and functionally)

  • SGT Stacker added as a playable ODST in Firefight using the H2A helmet design (has fully fleshed out Firefight dialogue, and ties the A Day At The Beach cutscene from Halo 2 into ODST)

  • Elite Ultra’s restored for standard Elite waves in Firefight (was mostly Cut from Halo 3 outside of Rtas; necessary rank to improve Elite variety)

  • Elite Zealot’s restored as an Elite Boss wave in Firefight (was cut from Halo 3 entirely; would add much needed variety to boss waves in general since they would fill the same role as Generals do for Halo Reach, and could possibly be supplemented by the restored Stealth Elites)

  • 3rd Person Skull cleaned up and restored (mostly functional in legacy but inaccessible)

Halo 3

  • the 7 remaining H:O armor sets released (Operator, Spectrum, Defender, Blaster, Extractor, Knight, and Strider; Operator and Spectrum were used in the Season 5 trailer and should be the first two added)

  • the remaining H:O maps Reactor, Skybridge, and Diamondback, all finished and released (each is already listed under the files for Halo 3’s mod tools implying they are already partially worked on; Diamondback would work Excellently for the newly usable AA Wraith and ODST weapons)

  • the ODST Stationary Gauss turret added to Forge

  • the Assassin skull restored (partially done in the files)

  • Hornet Pilot Helmet and Chest piece from Campaign updated and added as customization options for both the New and Legacy Mark VI visuals

  • Legacy ODST Chest and Shoulders from the main Halo 3 Campaign updated and added as Customization options for both the New and Legacy Mark VI (Bungie did the Helmet back in 07, but not the other pieces)

  • the H:O Elite leg armor waists being fixed (proper waist was stored on the Cleric set which was not brought over; currently uses the incorrect Combat waist which does not match the rest of the sets)

  • the H:O DMR added to Forge using the current Automag stats, the Automag rebalanced to use it’s original ODST stats, and the map Powerhouse released (Powerhouse is listed under the files alongside the other Halo Online maps, however it would honestly be best if it was only added alongside the DMR)

  • CEA/Fireteam Raven Mark V added to Multiplayer

  • H2A’s Campaign Mark VI model from in-game replacing Halo 3’s Multiplayer Mark Vi model from the New Visuals; as well as all existing Halo 3 Mark VI permutations updated to fit (mostly just to bring the Mark VI’s visual fidelity into parity with all other new cosmetics from Season 6 onwards. would also fix the “Pyramid Shoulders” visual glitch caused by the old model not being designed for the new biped functionality)

Halo Reach

  • the unnamed DLC chest restored and added (was hinted at prior to Season 5 and has yet to be added)

(worth noting I haven’t checked the next few to see if these were added with the mod-tool update)

  • Drones restored as enemies in Firefight (supposedly set up within the files, just disabled)

  • Player Elite Assassinations against NPC/AI ODST’s restored (cut originally as ODST’s were not added until I04 was released)

  • ODST NPC/AI boons as a setting on all maps

  • Legacy Toggle fixed so as to actually function, as well as not affect the Legacy DLC armors (Akis, Mariner, and Exo/Tcs, especially since they were promoted and intended to release in 2011, not 2021)

Halo CE

  • Cutting Room Floor weapon content added to settings options

  • Cutting Room Floor maps added to the Multiplayer using Cutting Room Floor vehicles and weapons where appropriate

  • Cutting Room Floor armors added as Customization

Halo 2

  • Silenced SMG added to the game settings fully

  • the Cut Blastacular map finished and restored to Halo 2 Multiplayer using the Silenced SMG’s

  • Cutting Room Floor content restored where appropriate in multiplayer

H2A Multiplayer

  • Cut Warrior Armor finished and added to customization (in the files in a messy state, though does have a mostly finished alternate techsuit tied to it)

  • Cut Active Camo Armor Ability finished and added to Forge/gametype settings (in the files near finished; appears as if it’s supposed to mostly function like it does in Halo 2’s Campaign with Reach’s scrambler effect)

  • Cut Rocket Hog and 2-seat Wraith cleaned up and added to Forge (in files mostly finished)

  • Cut Halo 4 AR and Energy Sword cleaned up and Rebalanced for Forge as Variant weapons (in files near-complete, unused)

  • Halo 2 Beach Battle test map expanded upon and recreated in Forge to be used as the built-in map variant for Awash Canvas (akin to Forge World Built-In maps for Halo Reach)

  • Halo 2 Example test map expanded upon and recreated in Forge to be used as the built-in map variant for Skyward or Nebula canvas (akin to Forge World Built-In maps for Halo Reach)

  • Halo 2 Human Sample test map expanded upon and recreated in Forge to be used as the built-in map variant for Nebula or Skyward Canvas (while still akin to the Forge World built-in maps for Halo Reach, it would require the most overall changes of the three in order to make it a worthwhile playable map)

  • Invasion added as a Gametype (invasion-lite, as it would have to be Red vs Blue as opposed to Spartan vs Elite in order to avoid issues with players chosen customization options)

  • Halo 4 Gravity Hammer ported to H2A MP

  • Cut Halo 4 Storm Revenant cleaned up and added to H2A MP (already fills the role of Specter, and is ironically balanced around H2A’s sandbox already)

  • The Cut Halo 4 Sandtrap ported and cleaned up especially as it was only a blockout, all the necessary textures exist in H2A, the Skyward skybox would fit it perfectly, and it was never intended to Release in Halo 4

Halo 4

  • The missing Tactical Packages and Support Upgrades restored to Halo 4

  • H2A Sentinel Beam weapon model added to Halo 4 in order to make Halo 4 Sentinel Beam player usable in Forge/Custom Game settings (this is by far one of the least talked about and most important imo)

  • Invasion added to Halo 4 (invasion-lite as Playable Elites did not exist in Halo 4, that is unless 343 makes Elites playable for Invasion)

I genuinely only expect one or two games to be the focus, but it feels like a good idea to cover the bases.


At the. Very least Cross core of helmets, shoulders, chest and Gloves

Wrong forum. There are no armor cores in the MCC.


The missing tactical packages/support upgrades for Halo 4 loadouts (resistor, recharge and survivor)

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We need map and mode veto in matchmaking extremely badly. Don’t wanna play Dino Blasters for the 30th time? Veto. Snipers on Snowbound? Veto. It would drastically improve the amount of players leaving matches right at the start


Veto would be greatly appreciated while I’m trying not to get escalation slayer in Halo 4 for the nth time.

  • CE Energy Sword finally usable in CE.

  • Silenced SMG implemented into H2C.

  • Much more customization colours.

  • CE armour skins.

  • H3 woodland, digital, urban and snow camo undersuits, made to look like fabric ala H3 Marines. And a Flood Mass undersuit which should be force equipped on infected in Infection.

Player customization sections should be:

  • Armour Effect
  • Helmet
  • Visor
  • Chest
  • Back Accessory
  • Left Shoulder
  • Right Shoulder
  • Left Arm
  • Right Arm
  • Left Hand
  • Right Hand
  • Waist
  • Left Leg
  • Right Leg
  • Left Foot
  • Right Foot
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Halo 3 remaster? Lol. Just let me have my dreams.


It’s about time that Halo 3 gets a remaster


He said No ember Update so I figured it was the Halo Infinite Winter Update… Honestly I’m kinda done with the lackluster of the games, my expectations are extremely low so at this point anytning would surprise me…

I’d like the ability to disable the post match lineup, or at very least to have the armor/skin toggle affect it.

While ridiculously unlikely and more of a dream wishlist item, I’d love offline bot players added for the games, at very least Halo 3.

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I agree with everything you’ve listed above. But they need to fix the god forsaken servers first, these artificial 30-50ms ping increases are making an already frustrating time even worse.


Did I just play with you lol? Think I remember your name.

Yes, there does seem to be something wrong with the network it’s been very janky lately. More than usual, since the last update.

-Dedicated Servers for Campaign Co-Op
-Cross-Platform Campaign for All Titles
-Split-Screen PC for all Campaigns/Multiplayer/Firefight
-Matchmaking for Campaign (I believe 360 Reach had this, thought I’m not sure)
-All Skulls for All Campaigns (I.E. Acrophobia in Halo CE, 2, and 4)
-Armor/Visor/Weapon Customizations for All Games in Campaign Mode (I would love to play with the Blackguard Armor set in Halo 3’s Campaign)
-All of the above to be applied for Spartan Ops

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