What are your Top 7 requested updates for Gametype Settings?

Mine are:

  • Halo 3: ‘Headhunter’ implemented. Integrated into matchmaking.

  • Halo 3: ‘Escalation’ implemented. Integrated into matchmaking.

  • Halo 3 ODST & Reach Firefight: ‘Karma Fight’. There are four lone players all fighting each other while trying to rack up the highest score. The player with the highest score at the end wins a nice exp bonus. Killing an enemy player grants a modest amount of score to the killer, while the player that was killed misses out on A.I. enemies to kill as they wait to respawn. However, killing another player increases the killer’s respawn timer and the player who was killed is granted a temporary score multiplier upon respawn. There is a limited number of times a player can be killed by other players. Integrated into matchmaking.

  • All titles: In-depth control over in-depth settings for spawning/despawning/killzones/invisible barriers.

  • All titles: Able to combine multiple gametypes. I’ll use this BTB gametype idea ‘SpecOps Slayer’ as an example. It is BTB Slayer, two teams of 8(perhaps more if we get a player capacity increase?), 1 point for your team each time you kill an enemy player, team with highest score at the end or first to reach 700 points or first to successfully detonate Bombs 7 times, wins the match. There’s an Oddball on the field, there is always a waypoint above the Ball carrier’s head but the carrier has Overshields and teammates who get kills while they’re within the immediate vicinity of their team’s Ball carrier get 5 points per kill. The map has Territories, controlling all of them at once grants that team something like increased movement speed. There are also Bombs on the map, carrying a Bomb constantly drains the carrier’s shields but they have no waypoint and kills attained with the Bomb count as 10 points and successfully detonating a Bomb in the player’s base temporarily gives overshields to all players on the detonator’s team. Integrated into matchmaking.

  • All-titles, Infection: Infected Flood Mass Techsuit and broken Visors with Flood tendrils sticking out force equipped on Infected players. Suicide exploit fixed. CE Energy Swords and Infection added to CE and implemented into matchmaking.

  • All titles: Team Specific traits. Example, able to create a version of Invasion in Halo 3 BTB by forcing one side to spawn as Elites and give specific equipment and traits to both sides.

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Ok so most of these apply to all titles, I will specify if not:

  1. The ability to disable dev made boundaries.

  2. A weapon slider for Fiesta so you can disable/remove any weapons you don’t want. So you could do Fiesta Snipers for example.

  3. The ability to turn Flood into basic Zombies that can swap weapons in Halo 4

  4. Flood Settings for Reach Firefight

  5. A setting that allows Sabres and Seraphs to land and stop moving before getting out so you don’t splatter yourself when exiting for Reach and 4.

  6. The ability to disable vehicle splatter damage in all games.

  7. Re-tag the Target Locator so that it can appear in weapon settings and fiesta game types for Reach and 4.

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Grenade Regeneration in Reach Firefight. It’s only in ODST Firefight currently.


Tweaking damage settings of all weapons
Tweaking/toggling weapon bloom

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Halo 5 thrust added to the original trilogy