What are your Top 3 Favorite Ordnance Drops?

Inquiring minds want to know. Choose your top three selections from each category. Here’s the list of available ordnance drops across medium maps:

LEFT D-pad
-Pulse Grenade x2
-Plasma Grenade x2
-Concussion Rifle
-Gravity Hammer
-Frag Grenade x2
-Energy Sword

-Sticky Detonator
-Spartan Laser
-Beam Rifle
-Sniper Rifle

-Speed Boost
-Damage Boost

*The ordnance drops change to include more power weapons across the larger maps, but to keep this thread more in line with simple Infinity Slayer, I only included the medium map drops.


As for me, I generally only choose the items listed on the right d-pad, but my current favorite for each category is:

LEFT: Energy Sword
RIGHT: Overshield

So, what are yours?

I think I would roll with:

Sniper Rifle (or Sticky Detonator depending on the map)
Speed Burst

My least favorites are:

Concussion Rifle
Spartan Laser
Damage Boost

binary rifle, incinerator cannon, scattershot…sadly I hardly ever get one of these, but when I do lookout.

Beam shotty damage

Railgun, Sticky Detonator, Speed Boost

-2x Pulse

Oh, wait a minute… that’s what the game thinks my favorite ordnance is.

LEFT: Remove personal ordinance drops, they break the fundamentals of Halo gameplay.
CENTER: Too many power weapons in conjunction w/ PP is breaking vehicle gameplay in BTB.
RIGHT: Why would I move when I can put shots on someone for assists and get teh Sniperzzz lulz.

Pseudo-trolling, but mostly serious.