What are your Top 3 Favorite Assassinations

  1. Eyebiter
  2. Helping Hands
  3. 104 Ways To Die

nice picks, these are mine

  1. Fistcuffs
    2.Nice Try
  2. Get Low
  1. Stop Stabbing Yourself
  2. 104 ways to die
  1. Fisticuffs
  2. Lawn Dart
  3. Back Breaker

Fisticuffs is one of my favorites, but what lets it down for me is it’s rarity. It should have been Take A Look being the Rare and Fisticuffs being the Ultra-Rare

1: Terminal Velocity
2: Fisticuffs
3: Stop Stabbing Yourself.

In no particular order:
-Terminal Velocity
-Lawn Dart (assassinate someone with Fotus for maximum fun)

> 2533274930413556;6:
> 1: Terminal Velocity
> 2: Fisticuffs
> 3: Stop Stabbing Yourself.

Same here, but I also prefer Lift off and Lawn Dart

1 terminal velocity
2 emiles regards
3 spin cycle

I only use 104 ways to die. Some of the new ones, are way too cartoony. I thought I was getting tickled instead of assasinated.

Spin cycle,kneedful things,and over the top.

  1. 104 ways to die
  2. Wind up
  3. Stop stabbing yourself
  1. Spinal tap
  2. Lawn dart
  3. Liftoff

Favorite to see:
1 back breaker.
2 terminal velocity
3 Pile driver
4 spinal tap.

Favorite to use:
1 Spin cycle, fast and hard to interrupt.
2 Fisticuffs, faster, but just cool.
3 back breaker, cool but slow as -yoink!-

  1. Backbreaker (My current equipped, can’t stop quoting Bane)
  2. Knee-dful Things
  3. Nice Try
  1. Lawn dart
  2. Back breaker
  3. Take a look

3.Take A Look/Knee-Dful Things(Just cannot decide which is better)

2.Terminal Velocity

1.Helping Hands

Honourable Mentions:

Stop Stabbing Yourself

Lawn Dart(Fan Favourite)

But I randomly choose a assassination every game so really all of them are my fav

  1. Stop stabbing yourself
  2. Shove It
  3. Terminal Velocity

I’m sort of changing my mind about 104 Ways to Die. I’m getting kind of interested in Sweep The Leg.

  1. Stop Stabbing Yourself
  2. Stay Down/Fiticuffs
  3. Get Llow

Honorable mention
Hammer Assassination.