What are your thoughts on XP per match?

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without the “Career Progression” it really feels like half a step.

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I get that having it beta before adding a career progression is frustrating.

But it’s coming.

And I guess they wanted to see how it worked with the (mini) battle pass - and alongside the new challenge format first.

Indifferent. It’s nice for the casual players but many of us will tear through the upcoming Battlepass in no time.

Honestly, doesn’t effect me in the slightest. I was able to complete Season 2 super quick as is, with only putting in an hour to two hours of play in per day at most. Finished 1-100 in a little over a month. Didn’t even bother with challenges at all, just played what I wanted to play and have fun.

I guess with this change, I’ll be able to get them done quicker perhaps?

Seems to be the case. I was hoping it would help with ranking up in Arena a bit faster but it appears that isnt ready yet.

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I don’t think it provides any useful extra ranking information.

The danger is that you could end up ranked too high - and this would throw match making as well as interfere with the accuracy of other people’s ranks.

And how much faster do you want? TrueSkill2 can ball park you in half a dozen games. And accurately rank you in less than 50 (from a 4v4 playlist).

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Wouldnt you eventually “plateau” ?

ie; If you arent a true Onyx player you wont ever get there. If you consistently come in last on a team that was supposed to carry you to Onyx, you gain less and less XP each match played, even if won.

And if you’re not that good, you’d probably lose more matches meaning overall rank goes down.

Just like with the last rank reset, I would never get above Plat 6. This time around, i could never get above Gold 6. Its where my skill level plateaued at, i suppose.

And I just want it to make a little more sense with a reward system. ie; if you place first on your team you should get a slight boost in rank earned. Or all 5 flag caps? A little more earned. Sometimes you can play really well and your rank BARELY goes up. Win a bunch of matches in a row but lose 1? All that ranking up you did is lost. It can be frustrating sometimes, you know :slight_smile:

Yep. Which is what your skill rank is supposed to do. Just like any life skill; tennis, crotchet, or playing the piano.

And it doesn’t need external influences trying to push you up.


But keep in mind the ranking system is essentially a sorting system. It can only work with the population it has.

You can’t always compare your rank from Season to Season.

If you only let current Onyx level players into Season 3 - the system will still sort them out and spread them along the (very arbitrary) x-axis; Bronze to Onyx.

The current population is very different to last Season.

I think you would just exacerbate the problem.

You haven’t improved in skill - so your MMR isn’t going up.

And if you add even more CSR to reward good play - it just drives your CSR even higher than your MMR. And that leads to even bigger falls on the next loss as your CSR is (and should) always be chasing your MMR.

You would be even more frustrated than you are now.

But this is where gaining XP. And specifically a bit more for doing well comes in. Seeing your Career Progression Rank go up should provide the game by game endorphin buzz you are looking for.

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Happy we’re finally getting XP Per Match

Disappointed we don’t have Career Progression like Halo Reach which hopefully they’ll add one eventually

it seems good that players will finally be rewarded for just playing the game their own way and not tied down by challenges anymore but i still dont care much for it.

They are changing up the Challenge system so that way it isn’t the main progression tool (thank god!) and adding a Match XP beta which is finally a big step in the right direction. Career Progression is something else that should be in Infinite already but it’ll be here at some point. It’s just a shame that the only “wins” 343 has gotten lately is cleaning up their own messes or adding in features that were normally found in previous Halo titles.

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Makes sense. Thanks for the insightful reply as always. :+1:

It would be nice, now, if the XP is applied toward Event tiers as well, rather than relying on Event Challenges alone. I’m absolutely not sure how difficult the coding would be, but it would be nice to see something like this:

Say there’s the Winter Contingency Event going on, and it’s got challenges.
Match Complete: Total of 300 XP - 150 XP allotted to Season 3 progress, 150 XP allotted to Winter Contingency Progress
Standard Challenges: +200 XP to Season 3
Winter Contingency Challenges: +100 to WC

Season 3 progress gets a total of 350 XP
Winter Contingency gets a total of 250 XP

It’d also be awesome to see past events return with this progression. As well it’d be nice to have, say, 1,000 XP convert to 100 cR so that the Store isn’t entirely reliant on real money, since that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

I think medals should be factored in as well. There appears to be only a select few of ways to earn xp through the match xp beta.