What are your thoughts on halo 5 ?

Im just wondering what your thoughts on Halo 5 is.

Hyped, excited.

pretty much have to play it before i can say something about it lol

Can’t wait for warzone.

The one thing destiny lacked was an actual mix of pvp and pve, and warzone will be that belnd I was hoping for.

Also, splatter kills lol.

I’m really considering canceling my pre-order.

I can’t get confirmation of infection. (Not Flood, Infection)

The customization seems to be more limited than previously.

No Big Team Battle.

Huge emphasis on eSports and the competitive scene instead of focusing on Forge and the casual community.


All of these things combined just makes me want to cancel my pre-order and buy something else with the money. I’ve never felt so uneasy about whether I should pre-order a Halo game or not.

I just wish I can see MasterChief and Cortana more

I’m hyped to be honest.