What are your plans for tomorrow?

So what’s it gonna be?

  • Playing MP
  • Wallowing in sadness

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I said playing but most likely just downloading lol.

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Checking internet and xbox downloads from dawn till dusk most likely lol :nerd_face:
Got hospital appointment tomorrow, so it will pass some time, should be home about an hour before event

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I guess even 3 things.
If MP really releases, play MP, then wallow in sadness about 3 more weeks till Singleplayer and then go even more into a state of recluse since people will surely datamine the heck out of this release and I want to avoid Spoilers.


I’m definitely not going on a snack run tonight just in case…

Well go to work, walk the dog, make a meal, set up the stream and have dinner and a cup of tea whil I watch it.
Either be sad or be happy about installing mp.


eat breakfast, shower, go to work, come back, kick spartan -Yoink!-

Rinse and Repeat.

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I won’t wallow in sadness if the multiplayer isn’t available tomorrow, but I will enjoy listening to the crumbling sounds of disappointment from those who got their hopes up, lol.

Go-to work as usual. Come home read and watch the Halo 20th anniversary stuff.

Not buying into rumors of Infinite MP releasing early. I’d be really surprised if it does but, if so, that’ll be a huge win for me.

Watch the live stream and then get excited or cry.

Work 8-5, look after my baby and bond 5-7, will have the Xbox stream on in the background but will miss 99% of it. At 7 I’ll check to see if MP is live and if it is I’ll be playing that until I go to sleep. If it is not live, I’ll play some Forza and chill with my dogs for a couple of hours and watch a movie.


Pretty much spend my day as I normally would. Not buying into the whole rumor that multiplayer is coming out because I don’t want get my hopes up. So I’ll be busy at work, get off at around 4, watch videos of the 20th anniversary celebration. Usual stuff.

Honestly none of the above. I’m not setting expectations. Even based on what we have seen thus far, the current thinking is that yes, multiplayer very well may launch before December 8th but it will not be going live tomorrow.
My plan is, come 1pm EST, watch the Xbox celebration and wait for 343i’s segment and see what happens.

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I’ll be working, then I’ll get home and see if MO really did come out or not. If so I’ll install and start playing. If not I’ll just play Skyward Sword HD, MCC, or Mass Effect.

Is it confirmed that’s releasing tomorrow on the 15th?

If Halo Infinite multiplayer does release tomorrow, I’ll be playing. But if it doesn’t, wallow in sadness.

Well I’m Hopefully getting home from work before xbox stream starts

A grinding day at work trying to meet impossible deadlines. Hopefully followed by the multiplayer being dropped early. :smile:

I get out of my college classes at the exact same time of the stream. Therefore, tomorrow is going to be a great day >:]

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Going to be working, watching social, Waypoint, Xbox websites. If MP releases or at least a Beta I will be playing after I get off work.