What are your PAX predictions

Just wondering what everyone expects to see at PAX this year seeing how it is halo fest, so what do you expect to be anounced or shown?
If I had to guess I would say there gonna let people play a Halo CEA demo, they’re gonna anounce info on a TU and that they’re gonna confirm that a halo 4 beta invite will be included on the halo CEA disc.

That’s pretty much my assumptions except I don’t believe title update is such a big deal it needs to be announced at such a major event. It will probably be announced as soon as it’s almost finished. But I agree that access to Halo 4 beta by Halo CEA sounds like a good idea.

Edit: Almost forgot, we will probably get new information on Halo 4 too.


Halo 4 Info on story

Halo CEA Info with Trailer


Halo 4 Trailer


TU info

Halo 4 MP info