What are your Memorable Boss steals?

Had not had any real memorable stealing, except for this one :

I am pretty curious to see other boss steals, be a legendary takedown or not. Surely will be fun to watch.

Noctus, enemies were in the lead and Warden had showed up for the last time. The enemy team was wailing on him good so I sat just outside my home base with a dmr taking shots at enemy Spartans, waiting for the perfect moment to start putting work on the Warden. The Wardens health was pretty low so I started firing on him, used about half a magazine and got the kill. We were able to come back and win the match thanks to that.

Nice take down!

I once stole warden with a couple BR bursts once. I was like “oh he’s almost dead but I dont have any power weapons on me I’ll just shoot him with my trusty BR!”
Amongst all the lasers and tank fire my dinky 3shot got eeeem!

Haha, awesome. I know the enemy team must get aggravated lol