What are your ideas for a new Halo spin off game?

I know it’s been thrown around a lot

But I would seriously love a flood related horror game like have us be a covenant citizen or grunt when the flood outbreak happened in high charity in Halo 2 and we try to escape


A game where you are a monitor for a Halo installation and you run it, witness random events, and as well build upon the installation to your liking.


Those do sound very cool!

The one that involves fixing a glassed world sounds especially fun to me, and kind of relaxed compared to any other Halo game.

If done right, I could see a Halo game with that kind of gameplay being a very enjoyable experience. Nice idea Sp00kyM0nk!


That sounds like a really great idea! I can really appreciate how well thought out your story plot and reasonings for them are.

I for one would certainly enjoy seeing and experiencing a Halo title like the one you’re imagining here.

I guess if 343 keeps on branching out to different gameplay styles for their side games, then there could be a Halo game for everyone eventually.

Oh, I’d love to play that so much!

Reminds me of the story of the Mona Lisa, genuinely made the Flood terrifying. To see something like that in game form would be awesome.


I mean 343 certainly could make that. They have a Lego game for pretty much everything else at this point. Lol

Honestly though, I kind of found it hard not to picture what that would look like in my head after you suggested it.

I can imagine a scene in which Sargent Johnson smacks a Marine in the back of the head for not paying attention during his speech, and then the Marine rubbing the back of his head, looking all sorry for himself :joy:

If they honestly were going to put that idea into action though, I feel like making retellings of Halo CE to 3, then beyond with that signature Lego game humour would be the right way to go about it, and could actually work quite well.

I would imagine their licensing agreement with another brick based company might prohibit them talking to lego.
Even though its legs by way of TT and Warner.
If Microsoft owned TT it would surely be the first thing pitched though.
A halo brick trilogy would be pretty neat.

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I would like to see an RPG where you start off as a private and work your way up to general and gameplay style changes as you progress. You start out as a FPS and as you level up the game turns into something more like a strategy based gameplay.

Name of the game I would call:
Halo Histories of ONI
Play as a Spartan Soldier or ODST where your missions are related to naval intelligence.

With some iconic characters and missions:
Veronica Dare
Serin Osman
James Ackerson

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I’m still waiting and hooping for a Halo themed horror game, from the perspective of a ordinary marine or civilian.


I sure would love to play as Arby again.


I think a game where you play as a sangheili who’s hunting down the oni agents and personel responsible for the actions against the sangheili people would be pretty interesting.


Wow. That is a lot of great ideas. I personally think the Blue Team one would be awesome.


That actually sparked my interest. That would be pretty cool.

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Thanks, I always wanted oni to become enemies and their actions and xenophobia coming back to bite them.

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On the old waypoint I did a post kind of like this. But they should do a grunt or brute or a army trooper who fights on reach. Then you meet and fight with Noble team and fly with 6 and Jorge or hor-hay and fight with them on the ship then leave before Jorge stands to close to a slipspace rupture and dies. Then you later get saved by six in a facon then see Kat show nine life’s are a lie aka myth. I know its not cannon there was a army trooper in that bunker but who cares. Then are sent to the Pillar of autumn where you miss out on seeing sword base blowing up. Was also not with Jun and six on that sniper mission. Then defend it and go with them to halo then go though halo one then go with keys to a place in the woods and turns out your one in the squad that dies and the flood kills. Then you become flood still being half alive so you tell the master chief who got to run then chief finally kills you form that pain and you die. Or a flood horror game where you play as Johnson trying to get out of the flood area that you see him in CE at and leave the halo ring then you could swap to Chief and do first strike. Also a ONI type game where you play as a ONI guy or whom ever you make. Also have a gun smith and make the gun that you like and also the armor you wear everything. That sounds like a normal game the fans would want but there is a twist. You start the game killing covies with stealth. Then the war ends you could go with blue team for the second battle for Earth while Chief and Co are at the ark. Then you start to kill humans then killing men then try to make the elites fall apart so they are not a superpower that can kill the humans if they do so. Then woman then kids then just family’s because they might know to much then spartan’s who don’t want ONI doing bad things like making the Master Chief and blue team bad guys because idk its ONI. So you defect and try to take out ONI heads to then be killed by ONI for trying to help the people. Or a super powerful brute named Craig or the man the myth the aussie legend, flood hunter and who made it out of reach 04 covie city of high the second halo chief went to, and ark and the flood and 3 Odst and battle of Earth Chips Dubbo cue the epic music and can kill anything or spartan game where you are just a god like being with all the power who can kill anything a power trip. Also halo vr. I think this is like a 5 or 10 read and took that long to make just have so many ideas. But those are the halo games that I want.

Should just make a Halo Slot machine. I mean same predatory practices that is in infinite right now so who cares at this point.

Not sure how practical it could be, but a game containing the side missions that took place during CE. The book Halo: The Flood covers several events that happened during the Master Chief’s missions that are never mentioned during the game, it would be pretty cool to see these through the perspective of the other marines.

-One possible mission could be playing as a marine on Johnson’s squad when The Flood is discovered. Hell, maybe playing as The Covenant when they first discover The Flood (although not sure how that could be transcribed into a level, it’s not like the game would allow you to fight marines, there’s no Heretics, and you likely wouldn’t fight anything until you find The Flood).

-The game gives you the impression that all of the marines on Halo are dead after completing 343 Guilty Spark, you never encounter or have contact with another marine and Cortana never mentions the marines until the end of the game, but the book makes clear that there was still a squad at Alpha Base (and Alpha Base is never really alluded to during the game), maybe there could be some Alpha Base-themed missions?

-I believe there was a crew on the Truth and Reconciliation that sacrificed themselves to blow up the ship to stop The Flood from using it to escape from Halo, that could be a cool mission.

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You are right it was in one of the CE books most likely the flood. Where some odst few others and one from ONI just some of the people from the book. But Jenkins yea that one from 343gs who was half living while the flood was killing him slowly just don’t think about it. But the ONI lady and that squad took the truth and rec to go back to Earth but him being flood told them not to. So, she was going to go back to Earth because then become war hero. Then one of the odst blew it up and they all died yay. Also, there was fire team raven which is an arcade game at Davenbusters which covers most of what you wanted like

that. But only get to see chief once in the ice cannon fighting flood. Just look up fire team raven story or just fire team raven in google or YouTube idk. But the flood one sounds nice. Would be pretty boring like you said but could be fun for like 20-year old’s or so.

A Halo game kinda like Xcom your apart of ONI and you send your troops on missions eventually your marines will become ODST then later into the game you start to unlock spartans i think that would be fantastic.