What are your ideas for a new Halo spin off game?

Either a Flood Horror game as a regular Marine or playing as Arbiter Thel 'Vadam after the events of Halo 3 forming the Swords of Sanghelios.


I would like a an odst game for when I’m working at 343 so I can write the story. Lol

why do you mean “when”? did you apply to work for them?

Ok, so you want a Resident Evil Halo ODST game then. That would be interesting, and I would definitely play it.

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I do like the idea for a “prequel” style ODST campaign set earlier on in the H//C War than the original Halo trilogy quite a bit!

But! My ultimate dream personally is for a fleshed out full-on “Rogue Squadron” style arcade flight game set in the Halo universe. Both Reach and H4 had cool Broad/Longsword missions which I believe serve as excellent proofs of concept for this type of game working out nicely as a Halo spinoff- neither of these games executes the idea well enough to build a whole game on, but both of them provide ample evidence IMO that there’s something valuable worth pursuing about the core concept.

It’d make for a really cool and distinctive “third pillar” for gameplay genres within the Halo series (adding to FPS for mainline, RTS for wars) and could just flat out be a great game. Setting/story wise it would also allow for some unique fleshing out of elements of Halo that we’ve not been exposed to much yet. Just seems like an all-around winner to me!


I would love a RPG with choices, such as Witcher 3/Mass Effect or like another user said, a Telltale.

It would be cool to see something involving Sergeant Johnson or another ODST!

So much potential.

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I’d want to play as an ODST or a normal soldier, and it would involve the flood in some way.

Yeah I’d want all out horror, got an inventory like resident evil, ammo could be more scarce. Basically want a Resident Halo evil


Considering that I play everything created into the Halo Franchise, I think that a good option would be a mobile game like COD mobile where casuals and youngsters that are playing fortnite and free fire could be atracted to know Halo and maybe play the console games.

iOS had Spartan Assault, and Spartan Strike for a while, but looks like they have both been removed from the app store now.

What is a pity, but nor spartan assault or spartan strike made sucess even into halo comunity. I have to admit I like booth games and still play them om mine computer, but maybe a fps or a tps with gears pov could be more accepted by the community.

A more darker toned game featuring the exploits of spartan team black.

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I honestly think that Fireteam Osiris would have made for a great spinoff game.

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would it be to much to ask for a grand strategy game for halo?

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Thank you for your honesty, but your wrong. Maybe if 343 didn’t make Halo 5…still not a good idea. Look what they did to my boy Buck! Getting past the harsh (yet true a lot) obstacle that is the Halo fan base…yeh …that game will never exist.

Where the halo maker like where you can make weapons, warthogs, mongooses, UNSC ship’s or Spartan armor etc. Or a city builder like City skylines. And of course a horror game. I did make something just like this on the old waypoint. Would add more and will but sleepy.

No, it’s just a joke my guy. Although I do want to apply in the future…

Something similar to the game a way out. Either with an ONI prison outbreak between a human and a group of ex-covenant criminals or both groups being mercs collecting bounties.

Really fantastic idea and feels similar to some of the concepts I’ve rattled off in my brain many times, this type of genre would fit Halo very well.


Third person action rpg settling onyx.

Or a tactical squad shooter

Or Age of empires but halo. Not halo wars its so boring.