What are your ideas for a new Halo spin off game?

What do you think could make for a good Halo spin off game in the foreseeable future?

For me, I’d personally quite like to see an ODST style spin off game set during the time in which ancient humanity first encountered the flood, since I feel like, if done right it could make for an awesome horror/shooter that would give fans some nice insight into parts of the lore that we haven’t been able to experience in the games so far.


A “Telltale” game where you play as ONI investigators would right up my alley.

I’d also like to see a game where you get to fix a glassed planet. Fix the ecosystem, bring back fauna etc.


Open world RPG:
The player-character is a baseline human, serving as an engineer on a UNSC ship when it’s suddenly incapacitated over an unknown world and begins descending. After it crashes, radiation leaks force the crew to collect all of the equipment they can and evacuate onto the planet, where they set up a base camp far enough from the ship to be safe. You then explore this isolated world, improving your skills and equipment, and collecting resources/technologies that will help your crew.

There are other crashed ships, and the survivors of them (or in some cases, the descendants of their survivors (most relevant for the Unggoy) have made their own settlements. You are given the opportunity to interact with these other settlements, and possibly forge alliances with some of them.

(This planet is a Forerunner shield world, its monitor has been damaged beyond function for a long time, and various systems have been increasingly malfunctioning, such as the assisted docking tractor-beam that’s inadvertently smashing ships into the surface of the planet because the door to the interior is broken. No messages can be sent off of the planet, because the radio-jammer is functioning, being one of the primary defenses of the shield world, preventing its location from being broadcast. As such the unwitting inhabitants of this world are on their own to make the best of it, or to find a way off.)

The great thing about an isolated planet that doesn’t have any prominent characters that factor into other stories on it, is that they can give the player free reign to have as much of an impact on the world as they want, and it won’t affect any of the other stories. Consequently, they don’t have to declare any series of actions available to the player to be canon or non-canon, because no series of options will create any contradictions with any of the lore.


Enchantingly an open mode would result in an infinity of things that can be done, from goal search to unusual achievements in traversing the entire map, for this you would have to achieve artificial intelligence would have to be the most predictive with a player.

I’ve always wanted a spin off Halo horror game from the perspective of just a regular civilian


Another ODST game set between Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: Infinite.

I actually had a machinima planned for that very thing. The opening scene was planned and a fully functioning ship was built using Halo 5: Guardians’ Forge mode. While a few minutes was filmed, the project was scrapped.

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I always want to see a Halo spin off video game where Arbiter is the main character. It will be great to see the Arbiter spin off video game that is set immediately after Halo 3.

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Dark Souls rpg.

Would heavily focus on Sangheili culture, of course you’re a Sangheili. You play as the father/mother of two children that perish in an event. One that was dismissed as a nightmare regarding the parasite’s invasion of Sangheilios, only to inevitably happen. Your spouse dies in the attack, so you vow for revenge.

Would focus on melee weapons and some gunplay like Bloodborne, all with a Halo twist. Would be rated M for disgusting grotesque Flood, blood everywhere, dismemberment of Flood, and violence. Made by Fromsoft of course. Would also have its equivalent of Solaire to praise that sun!

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Halo Blue Team- A game that sort acts like MCC, in which it goes through battle/campaigns of Blue Team (Mainly John, Fred, Linda, and Kelly). The game goes through different years of Blue Team’s operations. Each mission can start with a narration (which is the members of Blue team giving a debriefing after said mission.) These mission can (but not limited to) include: Events before and after Halo CE (Or do that as their own game), missions of Blue team during/after Halo 2 and 3, The very FIRST mission of blue team with the Covenant (with Sam), and mission from books (Fall of Reach, Last Light, so forth). There could be a tab for each member when they have solo mission (Like Linda’s “Lone Wolf” comic).

Halo Omega Team- If no one has seen the concept art on Omega Team, then I HIGHLY recommend doing so. 3 members (lore wise of course, the team have 2 males & 1 female spartan). Not sure the personality of the spartan IIs since there’s not much to go on, but I image all three of them not being too social with anyone besides other spartan IIs and they have a unique family bond (even more so for spartan IIs) within their 3 member team. The game (just brainstorming) can in a way test the Spartans with a challenge they’ve never dealt with before. A CHILD (again spit balling here). Or some other cool stuff, working on details.

Halo Noble Team: What was Noble team like before the fall of reach? Well we could explore the origins of noble team and then end with playing “Tom- (forgot number, in a rush here),” the one whom we replace at the beginning of Halo: Reach.

Telltale-ish detective game staring as Veta Lopez- We play as Veta Lopez, Fred, and the Spartan III’s. The game would be like a telltale game, but would switch in first person “Like all the main Halo games” for combat. But the game would have to narrow your choices quite a lot to fit in with the book. Make wrong choice game resets to last choice, if on legendary, game rests at the beginning of level (maybe too harsh).

Halo: The Arbiter- Following the events of Halo 3, you play as the Arbiter. There’s a lot you can do here, so you can pretty much think of the endless possibilities here.

Halo: Grey Team - This would follow the missions of Grey Team (Which can include the books as well). As in normal Grey Team fashion, the majority of the missions would be behind enemies lines (so sorta a bit a stealth involved more than other previous Halo games). These missions can be from assignations, sabotage, gathering important intel, (you get the picture). Being Grey team also means we don’t exactly have to play by all the rules, get some heavy equipment (maybe start with covenant weapons’ on some mission) ,plus we get a UNSE prowler if I’m not mistaken.

Halo 4 & 5 ODST: ( I can only do so much here with the lore 343 has established in the books evolving the Rookie & Alpha-Nine as a whole).

The games would cover the events “New Blood” and “Bad Blood” Just A LOT of changes would have to be made in a lot of areas. Of course Rookie would die in H4 ODST “New Blood.” We would then go to Halo 5 ODST which covers the book “Bad Blood” and I believe we get Dutch’s wife as the newest member. We would have to add, take out, come up with new stuff, and make a lot of work arounds to make all this happen in the game that satisfies the community… but it is technically possible with a lot of hard thinking.

We would then have a new game (Halo infinite ODST- Not sure on this yet) which would have the newly formed Alpha-Nine on another one of Dare’s ONI missions. This mission is vital to helping stop Cortana (again). This mission would have a lot of bumps with a rouge Spartan hunting them and members of the Silent Shadow hunting them, with a few hot arguments with Buck and Mickey (for obvious reason). We would have a fight scene with Buck and the rouge Spartan, with no winners. And fast forward more in the game, Dare is trapped in a room (with their objective) with the rest of the members on the other side of the room looking through glass they can’t break. All of a sudden the rough spartan drops from the roof and lands a good running distance from Dare. He pull out his knife (not looking good for Dare), runs towards her (other members losing it of course), looks as if he’s about to kill her. BUT THEN, he jumps over here and stabs a member of the silent shadow in the neck. The other shadow members uncamouflaged with the rough spartan defending dare with both knifes. After some epic fighting with a few members escaping, Dare and the rouge spartan meet up with the rest of the team, with Dare reveling the rough spartan to be “Rookie.” And that’s all the brain power I have for now…

Sorry for the rush and any editing mistakes, I got to go. Let me know what you think.

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Id love to see something like renegades where ur just normal humans who are caught in the chaos of the universe, exploring worlds, salvaging forerunner tech and dealing with covenant in more stealthy ways.

Ofc the big one is an actual Blue team game set way before halo reach, see them in action b4 they have there spartan armor ext fighting rebels and pirates. Then moving towards the end of the game where there full on spartans taking down the Unyielding Hierophant.


Why not a Halo Battlefield like game? I want to see that.

A lego halo game called: Mega Construx Halo: The Game


Great question! Why? Because I have a great answer! Imagine all the tall tales that spartans, ODSTs and marines must have told over the years. Maybe some true, maybe some false, maybe a few in between. For example: Season 1’s campaign would be on Sidewinder; a planet made entirely out of ice. It’s really, -Yoink!-, cold. A weapons manufacturing plant, an oil rig, and a flood containment breach. If that wasn’t enough, for those that know why all radios would be blairing “Corruptor” as well as the authorization of WMDs, you’ll be in for a hell of a fight.

Obviously it’s a BATTLE ROYALE!

No seriously tho I would absolutely love a survival horror game where you play as a marine facing off against the flood.


I would really like to play a Halo game as the Innies, pre-Harvest; waging a guerilla war against the UNSC, and then trying desperately to survive when ONI comes down hard with Spartans etc. I think something which portrays the Spartans as the terrifying imperial shocktroopers they were designed to be- and having them be the enemy- could be a fascinating and even poignant experieince.

Halo Wars 3, nuff said.


A Halo horror game where you are playing as an ODST squad trying to escape from a planet infested by the Flood.


I think this would actually be a blast. I doubt 343 will do it but we can hope. Maybe they will do something like this but make it a Halo Infinite DLC prequel campaign expansion.

That is kinda what Halo 3 ODST is though, just with a little investigative exploration thrown into the mix.

nah, halo 3 odst was more of a mystery spin off that gave context to what was happening between halo 2 and 3. a survival horror to work would need to have a less forgiving combat and more difficult to kill enemies. Thus providing a reason for us to be scared and not engage the enemy. It’s why most horror games operate like alien isolation and have a invincible enemy.