What are your hopes?

As a long time halo player, I truly hope 343 incorporates vital aspects in Halo Infinite that once made Halo, well Halo. I guess in this discussion, I just want to see what your guys’ hopes and dreams are for this upcoming game multiplayer and matchmaking wise. I understand that the campaign is important to most of you but I want to get down to more of a matchmaking discussion. Let me know what you guys think hope to see or not see!

  • Playable elites - H3 military ranks - Bring back the Battle Rifle we all remember - Good iconic maps (take note of H3s) - No reskins of maps - Return of pre game lobby info & file share - Only sprint/abilities in BTB/WZ - 1 bomb/flag, KOTH, juggernaut, rumble pit, H3 style zombies - More unique WZ bases, tailored to the map itself

I completely agree. There needs to be a competitive ranking system (1-50). I think that’s why people fell in love with Halo 2 and 3 in the first place is because you were driven to reach that next rank, which in return, made for a more competitive and complete matchmaking system. I think 343 needs to strip Halo from what it is now to what it once was, and that’s fair loadouts and fair abilities.

  • Both elite design in game (dobt this if 343i retcon the h4/5 elites out (my fav design) - Unlock system kin to Halo 4 with reach style customization - 1-152 social rank with 1-50 ranked ranks - Dev made BTB maps - Classic/basic forge controls for newier/old forgers - Smart link only on scope weapons - Fun modes like mini slayer - Mix of classic and new armor/weapons/vehicle designs - Playable elites with both genders

Really need 6-8 very competitive maps like in Halo 2 and 3 to make the matchmaking scene what it once was.

My hopes are that they don’t just follow trends and give Halo an identity again, unlike 4 and 5.

I hope we get more news

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> Really need 6-8 very competitive maps like in Halo 2 and 3 to make the matchmaking scene what it once was.

I feel maps have gone downhill since H2/3. I hope 343 can take some inspiration from maps like The Pit, Narrows, Guardian, Amplified, Onslaught, High Ground, just to name a few. Even Zanzibar or whatever the remake was called was awesome from 1flag/bomb

Honestly, I only have two hopes and they are pretty general.

  • I hope 343 makes a bad -Yoink- campaign. I mean something the gaming world has never seen before. Huge battles. Tons of AI on screen. Solid story that makes us feel again. - A multiplayer that brings in old players and new. Have the classic arena game types and make new ones. Warzone was a good addition to Halo. They’ll probably double down on that with bigger experiences.

I hope there is a wide weapon variety with weapon variants but not just a bunch of op versions of defaults like halo 5. I’m talking about variants of guns with different purposes. That or if it does have a buff then it needs a nerf in another aspect. Best example in halo 5 is arrow of time where you get extra ammo but also more recoil. Or you know, all the different warthogs (gauss, rocket, etc). List of examples for what I’d like in the spoiler box below.


  • Standard - Assault ghost (basically just the ce ghost) - Ghost ultraCarbine

  • Standard (preferably h2 version) - Particle carbine (from spv3 uses battery instead of ammo) - Blood of subanBattle rifle

  • Standard - Spec ops br (silencer and night vision scope) - Scout br (single shot br. Basically dmr with less damage and higher rate of fire)Assault rifle

  • Standard - Heavy ar (just ar with grenade launcher attached to the bottom. Functions like spv3 version)Pistol

  • Standard (reach or h4 version would work but if they go with h4 please change the sound) - Odst magnum - Gunfighter magnumSniper

  • Standard - Gauss sniper (here’s how I’d change it for the sake of gameplay. Make it really effective against vehicles but if a players shields are up then you can’t get a head shot. As if the shields absorb the weaker gauss energy or something. But 1 shot still completely shuts down the shields. This would make the standard sniper better for infantry.)Rocket launcher

  • Spnkr (wider blast radius, more anti infantry. Either no tracking or only ground vehicle tracking) - Pilum (faster rocket speed, more direct impact damage, less blast radius and less splash damage, air tracking. More for anti air)SMG

  • Standard (preferably h3 variant. Maybe slight damage buff if dual wielding is not a thing) - Recon smg (h5 smg) - Suppressed smg (odst)Sword

  • Energy sword (ok, gonna change up the sword a bit. It’s great how it is but let’s experiment. H2 sword with less lunge range with speed boost, how ever the blade still glows when you are invisble) - Blood sword (red energy sword but it turns invisble when you do. Less swing speed than standard. A little more lunge than standard. And no speed boost. This makes blood sword better for stealth while standard is more direct combat)Falcon

  • Chaingun turret - Grenade launcher turretBinary rifle

  • Standard (halo 5) - Spec ops binary (halo 4 with 1 shot per clip)Grenades

  • Frag - Plasma - Shard (basically needle grenade. Doesnt stick to stuff, a little magnatism meaning it’ll kinda go into the direction of the guy you threw at. When it explodes needles bounce every where) - Rift (inspired by spv3 but this one would be more like being hit by a delta beam rifle) - Infusion (fills the role of flame grenade) - Splinter - FlashbangLet’s humor the idea that 343 would add so many grenades and say that you can only hold 3 different grenades at a time and you would have to switch them out like weapons.

As for mechanics I’d like to see the equipment concept return. I’m indifferent to sprint. Doesnt bother me if it goes and doesnt bother me if it stays but I do really want clamber to stay in the game. Smart scope needs to go. Only weapons that should zoom in are weapons with scopes. I’d prefer spartan abilities leave or be heavily modified or changed if they have to stay just so infinite feels very different from halo 5.

I also really hope warzone returns with some modifications, unique maps, and more warzone game modes.

And for the love of God dont put cosmetics in req packs and organize the armor.

Sorry for the long post for a simple question

I could really care less about new weapons. I think 343 can make a great new halo with the same weapons as they have been. I want more Battle Rifle vs Battle Rifle gameplay in matchmaking. Hard to beat Team BRs on The Pit. I think if 343 sticks to original weapons and improved, competitive maps, they will have pleased a large amount of the community.

  • Big Team Battle needs to be a priority. In Halo 5, BTB feels a bit neglected compared to Warzone and I don’t want them to make that mistake again. I think it’s important for Halo Infinite to include BTB Heavies, either in its own playlist like in Halo 4, or mixed in with regular BTB like in Halo Reach. Warzone was not a good replacement for BTB Heavies. - I want firefight to also have a bigger focus. It was nice when it was fully customizable in Halo Reach. It’s important for Halo Infinite to have a good PvE mode in matchmaking, not something that was cobbled together from pre-existing resources after the game launched. - A pre-game lobby where you can see other player’s armor and stances. Otherwise, what’s the point of unlocking cosmetic items? It’s not like you’ll get a good look at them during gameplay. - I would like special announcers (Voices of War) to be available as part of the base game instead of being DLC, whether they’re unlockable or not. - A theater mode that works properly and isn’t broken. - AI in forge