what are your favorite Red vs Blue quotes?

“caboose, throw that spike grenade”~wash
caboose throws grenade
“that was the worst throw ever, of all time”~wash
“not my fault, someone put a wall in my way”~caboose

I like the phrase “Protect me cone!”, because it made me think about the facts that cones are useless, as they could easily be replaced in most cases and how they offer no protection. For example, when a road is closed by cones, but there’s no one watching it, people can ram the cones with minor damage. Also, they are easy to steal and allow people to trick others into entering closed streets.

Has to be the dialogue during the episode where Sarge tries to ram Washington with the Warthog and says “You just got Sarged!”

“Church! It’s your best friend caboose!” -caboose
“caboose, is that you?”-church
church constantly missed shots
“I thought you said he was your friend” -Washington
“yeah, this is just a thing we do” -caboose

"Rest in peace pinkie toe… YOU SHALL BE AVENGED! "

"Did someone call a really hairy plumber? I’m here to lay some pipe. "

I haven’t watched since season 4, so all my favs are pretty old lol. Ok one more

“Sheila come back to me! I made you a muffin”

“My name is Leonard Church, AND YOU WILL FEAR MY LASER FACE!” -Church

“That was the worst throw ever… of all time.” -Washington

“Protect me cone!” -Grif

Pretty much all the funny stuff Lopez says in the subtitles

And finally
Last but not least…

*Meta growl

“My name is Michael J. Caboose, and I. HATE. TAXES.” -Caboose

“It’s Texas you idiot!” -Grif

“That too.” -Caboose

Just amazing, I’m also loving season 13 right now!


“Field trip! Wooh! We are going to field! Oh my god! This is going to be amazing! Oh my god!” -Caboose

Yeah I just watched that episode, I just love Caboose, but I have to say my favorite of the Reds and Blues is Tucker.

Season 11, ep 18
Donut, after killing CC, trying to insult her in Spanish: "Say hello to robot Satan, you teriyaki pencil circus!"

“I hope you brought your wallet, 'cause the rent in hell gets paid in advance!” -Sarge

You guys are looking at my sister naked (Griff) well shes not our sister (sarge)

“How many times must I tell you, shotgun to the face is not a contingency plan.” -Grif

“That was the worst driving I’ve ever seen!”
“That’s because it wasn’t driving! It was falling and burning!”
-Sarge and Grif

“Oh boy, buttons! I love buttons! Beep boop bo beep.”-Caboose

“Protect me, cone!” -Grif

Any of Tucker’s jokes.

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> Also:
> “Field trip! Wooh! We are going to field! Oh my god! This is going to be amazing! Oh my god!” -Caboose

wow dude, season 13 spoilers

Church: “No matter how bad things might seem…”

Caboose: “They could be worse…”

Church: “Nope. No matter how bad they seem they can’t be any better and they can’t be any worse, because that’s the way things -Yoinking!- are and you had better get used to it Nancy so quit your -Yoink-’.”

Life in a shellnut.

  • Sarge: You people stay away from my men! If anything’s gonna kill 'em…IT’S GONNA BE ME!!! - Wash: DOWNLOADING A PICTURE ON BASEBOOK IS DRAINING OUR ENTIRE POWER SUPPLY?!Donut: It is a very high quality picture.

“I was just petting the bunny, and then went into the soup can…and part of my hand went with it”- Donut
the best line ever, of all time.

“Do you ever wonder why where here?”

“Buenos dias, cockbite.” - Tex possessing Lopez in Season 2.

Here’s several of my favorites

Lopez: Yup, he’s insane.
Locus: I. Am. NOT.
Lopez: OH -Yoink-, HE’S BILINGUAL. Please don’t kill me!

Donut: Okay, that’s enough!
Dos Point-0: What?
Donut: Don’t make me hurt you!
Dos Point-0: YOU? Hurt me? I’d like to see you try…Pinky
Donut: I’m not pink…I’m lightish red!
Dos Point-0: What? YOU SPEAK SPANISH?
Donut: Yes. Just not very well.
Dos Point-0: Son of a -Yoink-!
Donut: Say hello to robot satan, you teriyaki pencil circus!

Tucker: He’s doing that thing again…

Grif: Why do we carry our guns?
Simmons: What?!
Grif: Our guns. Why do we carry them?
Simmons: Because we’re soldiers.
Grif: Yeah, but we’re not really fighting anybody, are we?
Simmons: Well yeah but, you never know when we could be attacked!
Grif: Attacked by who? The Blues? We haven’t fought a single -Yoink!- enemy since arriving in this canyon, and yet here we are walking around in full body armor with a rifle in our hands like the -Yoinking!- galaxy is about to attack us any second.
Simmons: What’s your point?
Grif: My point is, why don’t we ever just walk around without our guns?.. Do it!
Simmons: What?
Grif: Drop your gun!
Simmons: No!
Grif: Why not?
Simmons: I don’t want to!
Grif: You don’t want to? Or you can’t?
Simmons: Um…um…I’m going back inside.
Grif: And thus Dexter Grif single-handedly avoids trash duty for a second day in a row. Hoo-rah

Felix: Okay, you guys are REALLY starting to piss me off!
get’s smacked by Doc/O’mally
Doc: Oh please, I’M the original bad boy! Mwahaha

Doyle: Yes, if there’s anything we can do-
Sarge: What’s the rank higher than Captain?
Doyle: Hmm? Oh, umm. Colonel?
Sarge: Promote me to colonel!
Doyle: Very well, I hereby promote you to Colonel…Sarge.
Sarge: To Grif Hey numbnuts! I outrank you! Again! HA!