What are your favorite Halo environment Vibes

Halo Infinite has the potential to sport some of the most unique environments the franchise has seen. Once the underground forerunner tunnels were talked about, it set in that there could be some very interesting rooms and callbacks. I think my favorite environmental vibes from the campaigns are from Halo 1 and 2, and that would be the light bridge in the second level. The room is huge! It just feels so cool. And the atmospheric fog in that room oh boy its vibes are immaculate.
The vibe from campaign I liked from halo 2 is the levels where you are fighting through flood into the forerunner structure as the arbiter. The snow mixed in with the freaking cool lighting effects on the forerunner structures in the night makes it one of my favorite levels to just look at. (tbh not my favorite level to play through :]
And the Halo 2 map backwash has the perfect aesthetic if the flood should return to infinite. Honestly 90’s and early 2000’s fantasy structures like Doom and quake and obviously halo just have a mysterious vibe to them that modern games don’t really have.
But I’m just curious if anyone else has their favorite environments in the games :slight_smile:

My all time favorite has been the ancient ruins on delta halo. H2A did that ring so much justice