What are your favorite additions to gameplay

Many of us have either played the beta, watched gameplay, or were one of the lucky few to get an early review copy. But regardless of what you’ve done, from what you’ve experienced, what is you’re favorite new feature/aspect that was added to the game? Whether it’s Armor, Campaign, Matchmaking, or whatever. What is your favorite part of Halo 5 as of now?

And just to clarify, this means anything, characters, abilities, REQ packs, litereally, what do you like most about what’s new in the game.

I really like Warzone, it seems like a great way to just have a fun match and lead to hilarious moments with the req system. Also really happy about even starts in Arena so that map control is important again.

The REQ system is taking something that Titanfall did VERY well and making it better.

Generally, I just like how the gameplay feels. You still feel like a walking tank, but with more movement options and agility. Gunplay feels more accessible, and each weapon has its own advantages and weaknesses. It won’t be a BR/DMR-only game, as much as some of us enjoy that. Altogether, it feels really tight, balanced and considered. Every player having access to all the maps is also a great decision.