What are you willing to pay? $$$

I would only…If the release version come with Forge that has alot of buildings, scenery, pre-fabs, Decals, Gadgets, ETC. ETC, and to be able to remove all boundaries so we can put them where we want!

Slash the prices and no longer lock stuff to armor cores and I would pay for some stuff. But rn I have no incentive to buy pieces I can’t actually use.

Probably about 50p for individual cosmetics, at most. I really don’t think it should be much, at all, and being so low in price would certainly encourage sales.

Of course, you’d then need 30 people to buy a pair of swords that you can’t use, rather than just the 1 required now. But if the pair of swords cost 50p, I’m sure you’d have 30 people much more likely to buy them, and not feel insulted by the price – encouraging future purchases. Making more money in the short-term, per transaction, seems far more damaging to the relationship between the retailer and customer.

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I’ll buy a battlepass if for no other reason than to make it so this game actually has a progression system atall, as without it playing feels incredibly unrewarding.

Other than that, not a penny. Not because I can’t afford it or wouldn’t in a better system, but because I fundamentally disagree with the way mtx have been implemented in this game and outright refuse to support the system until it is changed or scrapped.

I’m happy to buy the battlepass because I think MCC’s system was really good. But the rest of the store can burn for all I care, and I hope noone else spends money on it either.

If things were £1/$1/€1 people would buy more, get more and pay more in the long run
(personally I’d still pay sweet f a because I’m not 12 and could not give any less of a :poop:).

But if I was 343 or MS and people were paying 20 for a colour that’s going to be covered in the bright, overwhelming, colour of enemies choice, outline, that isn’t an outline, but a complete covering of coloured light as soon as they get struck by one bullet of an AR, then I’d probably do the same early on then drop the prices later.

People paying actual money for this stuff when they’re not happy with the system are hilarious.


They should allow you to still have the option to buy the armor or earn credits for the armor. I think that’s fair, I work hard everyday so I don’t have time to grind out for credits.

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I would prefer a $60 for the game and unlock the armor through achievements and challenges
but as it is now

$1 - Desert Wind
$2 - Sentinel’s Blade
$5 - Chonmage armor set

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I think an item should be a dollar. So having 20 dollar bundles is fine, just make sure it contains 20 items. So for example:

  • a unique helmet
  • helmet attachment
  • visor color
  • armor coating
  • left shoulder
  • right shoulder
  • chest attachment
  • forarm attachment
  • leg attachment
  • kneepads
  • AR coating
  • BR coating
  • Sidekick coating
  • Sniper coating
  • Commando coating
  • emblem
  • chest emblem
  • weapon emblem
  • car emblem
  • stance

Things can be more than 1 dollar, but then it should be special like animated weapon skins or something like that.

I have never in my life bought game currency, or done any gaming microtransactions until Halo Infinite.

I spent $10 on the battle pass system, and I regret it. I just didn’t want to miss out on the customization options one day, and I expect them to change things considering how terrible the current monetization scheme is. I won’t spend any more for at least a year: $70 on Halo is honestly more than I can afford or justify. I’m lucky then that a partner pre-ordered the campaign for me for the holidays so I actually only spent 10.

Still, no more. I won’t support this predatory system, no matter the cost.

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I’d pay 500cr for a regular armor set.
1000cr for a unique armor set (think Yorai event skin).
And 250cr for a cool paint job that I can apply to ANY armor core.