What are you willing to pay? $$$

Simple as that. How much are cosmetics worth to you and what are you willing to pay for bundles, cosmetics, etc??


slash the prices in the store in half at least, and let players earn credits by playing the game


I agree. Thought 10 bucks would be for some bundles a

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For the Ninja AR bundle up there, I would pay a dollar. Although if they fixed coatings to not be a -Yoink!- show I wouldn’t have to.

For the Armor bundles, I would pay maybe $5, but I think they owe us the Yoroi stuff as something free but earnable.


I only have the budget to buy cheaper solo items every now and then tbh

I believe that most items should be maximum $5, with lesser shop items around $2. $15 for a sword thats locked to one armour core and 3 emblems that wont be used? No thanks. Prices are horribly unreasonable.


Emblems/Name plates $2
Armor colors $0 (blue, red, white, etc should all be free and unlocked for every one)
Armor skins $5 (HCS, shiny, full builds)
Weapons skins $2

Bundle with armor skin+2 weapon skins(AR,BR,sidekick)+emblem $10

credits should be reasonably unlockable through free progression, at least enough to purchase a battle pass or bundle.

Remove “cores” and allow full mix and match for some actuall customization


Yea I feel the same way, prices right now are so unreasonable it makes no sense to spend 1/4th of a full blown AAA game on a sword cosmetic. Make it make sense. Also making credits a thing you can get trough progression.


In the current state I would refund my battlepass. If there are no changes in content or at least some roadmap detailing the future on how they planning to add missing core features, I’m not spending one single cent.

Not a cent. Nothing on the store is worth anything. Will maybe buy expansion packs for campaign but will never buy cosmetics.

Hell I wouldn’t even spent £20 on a shirt for myself yet alone my in game character I can’t even see when playing the game


I’m gonna buy one custom armor coating in one of the upcoming event series but not interested in buying much after that.
The best I can hope for (at this point) is that there is a couple cool things in each battle pass that I can grind for and in 1-3 years I’ll be pretty stoked how my custom Spartan looks haha

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Very little. We are talking 30 a year max. There should be at minimum the amount of armor we had in halo 3 for free without anything from free passes or events.


I’m not willing to pay a cent for this system.

If it was a complete game at launch, I would have paid $100 or more for it.

A grand total of $10 USD for the battlepass. The only part of the game that isn’t 100% a pitfall, instead hovering around the 65% range.

Edit: Still going to buy the campaign though, but only because it’s untainted by this F2P multiplayer debacle. That, and I’m a fan of the campaigns in general.


$60 for the game and unlock the armor through achievements and challenges

Campaign price tag and battle passes. Willing to buy bundles if they slash those prices down to a dollar at worst cause I’m sure they’d make bank if those things were cheap as -Yoink!- since theres many people who can afford a dollar or less.
For example I used to play DotA 2 and bought armor pieces from the marketplace for literal cents. -Yoink!- was nice and I was still “spending money”

Oh RIGHT ALSO because they seemingly can just “fart out” all the armor cores they could ever want to produce this should also incentivize lowering the price tag drastically since we cant mix and match across cores so eventually we’d have a bunch of individual “spartan dolls”.

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An armor set should be no more than $5, and a bundle $10. Nothing outside of a larger bundle with multiple sets should be $20. Coatings should be separate from bundles and be 99 cents to $2 based on rarity and should be applicable to every set.

To put it into perspective, they believe that one $20 armor bundle is worth 1/3rd of their campaign, or that it’s 1/3rd of everything you’ve gotten with Halo Reach That is absolutely unacceptable.

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Or worth double everything in the battlepass combined!


Slash EVERYTHING by at least 50% and ill consider it.

The conversion rate from USD to AUD makes it feel like you’re working a job to afford Halo cosmetics.


I would only spend 10-20 dollars on something that contains a bundle of armors without any gimmicks. We’re talking full sets, not kits, that are 100% usable. 10-15 sets of armor a pop.

The rarity aspect of this game is synthetic anyways. It always was.