What are you most looking forward to in Anniversary?

What are you most looking forward to in Halo: Anniversary? For instance, is it replaying a certain level? Watching a specific cutscene? Being on one of your favorite maps again? Do tell!

When you step out of the escape pod after crashing and actually see the landscape of Halo for the first time!

Also, watching the video of Keyes’s encounter with the flood, that was so creepy and intense the first time I saw it 10 years ago, and I imagine enhanced graphics and audio will only add to it!

Watching halo go BOOM!!!

Other than being able to play new maps in multiplayer, I am most excited about reliving the experience of the first time I played halo, being it was the first shooter I had ever played. Also looking forward to getting some long deserved achievements for this game!

Of course the new graphics…cutscenes… and the new Terminal Background cinematics. The achievements will be fun too :smiley:

  1. finding and looking at the new fiction in the terminals, 2. Jenkins cutscene, 3.The maw warthog run

Running over a 343 employee on Timberlands/Ridgeline via death by Warthog? What? It can happen…

I can’t wait for entire campaign though those alarms on the PoA, they get you pumped up to play. They bring a sense of urgency and danger as your about to get boarded by The Covenant. Unlike many alarms, that one never gets annoying.

Also i look forward to getting lost in The Assualt on the Control Room. In the original i backtracked several times by accident and which is odd as it remains fond memory of my time with the classic CE.

In addition to that: Skull and Terminal hunting. 343 means serious busness guyz.

I am looking foward to seeing the Halo get blown up in glorious HD! :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to glitching the crap out of it.

I’m most looking forward to playing co-op with my son. I know it’s going to be bad -Yoink-

Playing onlie co-op, getings the online achievements and playing online multiplayer.

Ohhh. That is tough. Hmm. I definitely want to to see the new Library and Truth and Reconciliation. And I can’t wait to see Halo blow up at the end. That will look cool I think. Oh, and Johnson and the Elite hugging it out at the end.

Pretty much everything. I’ve never played CE before, so if there’s one thing I’m looking forward more, its the Campaign.

Opening the new maps in Forge and seeing how useful their palettes end up being. Of course, I haven’t finished Halo 1’s campaign before, so I’m also looking forward to some great moments in Co-Op.

The Maw all over again. In Legendary solo. That was the easiest level for me.

I can’t wait to see the Proto-Gravemind in HD graphics, along with the Maw Warthog run, the Jenkins cutscene, the first encounter with the Flood, oh and the first time you see Halo on the ground, and uh, when Halo is destroyed, and AotCR, and seeing the TandR.

And well er, everything about the campaign.

I’m personally excited to play the level Keyes with the new graphics layer. The chaos of fighting both covenant and flood at the same time was a memorable experience, I wonder what it will be like in CEA.
And the terminals and skulls of course!
Mulitplayer… well I’m not sure how that will turn out.

Campaign Co-Op with my old Halo partner.

That, and playing all the Halo campaigns: Reach - CE - 2 - ODST - 3

I’m looking forward to the updated campaign, I could care less about the multiplayer maps(I will play them and enjoy them but they weren’t a selling a point for me).