What are you most hyped about for future halo stuf

I’m hyped about more reqs in forge and the Halo tv show. What about you guys?

The upcoming lies 343i has in store for us.
Glory to the marketing team.

Hunt the Truth…Again.

Playing Halo on the couch again with friends. Here’s to hoping split-screen comes back.

And a campaign that isn’t a complete pile of dog -Yoink-. I mean, it can’t get any worse that H5, so I’m hyped for that?

Mechanics wise, I’m excited for what the next distiallation will be. Quite happy with how it plays currently.

To see how 343i repair the Halo universe in halo 6.

story. It’s always about the story

Well, Halo 6 for the campaign, but that’s still plenty far away. Curious to see if we get a little deeper dive into Blue Team.

On a closer note, I’d love to see some more books for Halo announced, specifically around and shortly after the events of Halo 5. I want to see what Cortana really went through since disappearing, what the Created look like, and how the UNSC plans to fight them.