What are you most excited for?

On December 8, Halo Infinite fully releases and we will get more added to it as time goes on. What are you excited for? Fighting banished? Uncovering the parts of Zeta Halo? Meeting the new characters? Forge? Co-op?

I’m ready to see what Joseph Staten’s work looks like up close with this campaign, man. I grew up on 343’s other Halos, so this’ll be something special for sure.

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I have a feeling that Infinite’s campaign is going to be the best one yet.

Yes, Forge. Can’t wait for Forge! Forge is actually what got me interested in the Halo franchise in the first place. I bet Halo Infinite’s Forge is going to be incredible, especially if we can spawn AI enemies to make our own Firefight maps or re-create campaign levels

“Fully Releases” without co-op and forge.


Being able to have AI in forge is a dream of mine as well.

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Yes. Fully released without co-op and forge and the other 10 years of content that isn’t in yet.

Stop trying to defend them. The game is not fully released. They know what they are doing we know what they are doing and its dumb. Halo without Coop is not a Halo game. I can stand by forge somewhat if they are truly changing it and improving it. But no screw them for even thinking it is acceptable to release the campaign without coop.

Not having to hear people say it’s just a beta anymore when we complain about something ha. But there will be no coop or forge at launch so all there will be is solo campaign. I’ll play it on and off during my time but the majority of my halo time is always going to go to playing whatever I can with friends. I am eventually excited for forge…I built maps in h3 for me and my friends, hope they are still around by the time it releases.

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Ok, I admit it’s not FULLY released, but it is still released. I don’t think they would have a single reason to withhold forge and co-op if it was ready. Also, if you’re excited for co-op, just say that instead of complaining.

Stable server connections ffs…