what are you most excited for in halo 5?

I was wondering what people were most excited for in halo five to me it would have to be warzone.

For me campaign ,i wanna know the truth!

Im starting to get pretty hyped up for the ranked arena deal

Button mapping! I know it’s more of a hardware thing but to me it’s the perfect halo button layout… And I’m beyond excited.

Nothing really.

I do want to play war zone but love the campaigns.but I can’t lie I want it as all. Bring on halo 5!

I’m really excited for Warzone and I am mostly a Single player guy. It just looks like so much fun!

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> For me campaign ,i wanna know the truth!

Thats right! Why #HuntTheTruth when you can #ExperienceTheTruth through Campaign!!!
Either way, im also keen for some EPIC Warzone… just so different and exciting!!!

Campaign first and foremost.

Forge… when it comes out in December… :frowning:

Campaign and Warzone, I’m really looking forward to trying out the squad commands, and the idea of A.I in a PvP environment is really cool in my opinion, and let’s not even talk about the REQ cards.

Campaign and war zone

I am most excited for the campaign, but I also can’t wait to try out warzone.

I’m excited about the story having Master chief, blue team and buck all combined.

I’m looking forward to the arena and I like the idea of seasons for the certain ranked playlists.

Breakout, loved that mode in the beta.

Req packs

Campaign. I love nicely done cutscenes and story stuff.

Campaign, Req Packs, Arena, and Warzone