what are you most excited about in HI

what are you most excited about in HI, guns,features, etc

Forge for sure. I’m very excited to see where Forge is taken in regards to features, and better yet the same people that made Halo 5’s Forge are working on it. Over anything else I have nothing but confidence that 343i and SkyBox will knock it out of the park again. In the Forge department they’re a well oiled machine.

I’m excited for the campaign, specifically going to a UNSC Firebase, getting a bunch of Marines and giving them good guns, then getting in a Razorback loaded with weapons and raiding a Banished stronghold. And the possibility of Chips Dubbo.

The story.

The sandbox for sure.

Everything so far. Can’t even pick something I think… The gameplay looks more fast-paced and it… “looks like it feels amazing”. Hope someone gets what I mean

Playing Coop on legendary on my first playthrough with a pal of mine

The new grapple hook looks like it will be a load of fun.


How the Sandbox and Gameplay is gonna be like.

Looks really fun to play!

For me, HI looks to be the closest we are going to get to a H3A. If I’m correct, then, thank you 343.

I am very excited to see the campaign levels in the upcoming Halo Infinite.

campaign hands down. i cant wait to play it

Honestly, Unlocking all the new armor types, and all the new sounds to hear!

New Campaign :grin: