What are you looking most forward to?

Campaign. It looks freaking epic. I’m gonna settle down with a bottle of scotch, a pizza from Capuanos, and just revel in it.

Campaign bruh. I’m gonna get some soft drinks, a pizza and while it’s installing on my Xbox, I’ll be waiting for the pizza to be cooked in the oven. I’ll probably end up playing like 3 missions before I hop onto Multiplayer to try out this epic Warzone they have. It’s going to be glorious.

All in for campaign! Story is gonna be fresh!

Unless Forge changes my mind, Campaign.

Firefight :wink:

Campaign, probably

Im looking forward to Halo being the -Yoink- again! I cant wait till me and all my friends oplay it non stop!

I’m most looking forward for the grunts.

Lol just realized OP put theater in there.