what are you like in multiplayer

The account I use on waypoint is is not the account I use for xbl but on my xbl acount I am obviosly difrent then this unused account

-FAVOURITE PLAYLIST- halo 3 btb because of awesome maps and every thing a big team playlist could want in one

-PLAY STYLE- I am usualy rushing on foot or taking control of the middle of the map with teammates (hopefuly skilled ones :P)

-FAVOURITE WEAPONS- my favourite weapons are the br, dmr, carbine, sniper amd sticky grenades

-FAVOURITE VEHICLES- my favourite rides are the hornet, the hog and the falcon,

-FAVOURITE SEAT ON A VEHICLE- my favourite seat in a vehicle is the turret because getting over 35 kills and less than 5 deaths never gets old :stuck_out_tongue:

-AVERAGE KILLS AND DEATHS PER GAME- when I am on foot in h3 btb I almost always get around or over 21 kills and under 9 or 7 deaths but when I am on the gunner seat with a good driver I can get over 30 kills and under five deaths

-YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF AS- above average compared to most players, I love a good win but I never rage or get to competitive

-BEST MATCH WITHOUT TANK OR BANSHEE- my record is 50 kills and 3 deaths on a one flag ctf on hemmorage with 42 warthog gunner kills and 8 dmr kills

-TRADEMARK SLOGAN-"if this noob >insert gt here< was incharge of an army or team with that >insert a very useless tactic here< strategy this is the Yoink! that would happen to his army…

That is how I play halo multiplayer how do you play the mm and create a post like this in the comments

-FAVOURITE PLAYLIST- team objective, new anniversary classic (even with the fail pistol), and the old team classic playlist

-PLAY STYLE- i play main slayer. i mostly try to control the important parts in the map because positioning matters 10000x more than skill does in halo reach.

-FAVOURITE WEAPONS- sniper and rockets. i’d say the DMR, and classic pistol, but both have horrible bloom algorithms currently. the ZB DMR is super good, however.

-FAVOURITE VEHICLES- none. i hate driving lol. i guess mongoose, or ghost if i have to choose, simply because they are quick and get me where i need to be.

-AVERAGE KILLS AND DEATHS PER GAME- not sure, but my KD in the anni classic playlist is absurd good.

-YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF AS- im a competitive elitist. i like to win, but i dont get worked up about losing (unless its because of teammates who dont listen and repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over and over and over)

-BEST MATCH WITHOUT TANK OR BANSHEE- not entirely sure about this one. ive had a lot of games that i ended with a 25 KD, sometimes higher.

-TRADEMARK SLOGAN- “Reach” this is my slogan because reach is terrible as far as halo games go.


-PLAY STYLE- Scout. Callout guy.


-FAVOURITE VEHICLES- Warthog, pre-Reach.


-AVERAGE KILLS AND DEATHS PER GAME- Probably a terrible ratio.

-YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF AS- I’ve a decent understanding of the game but an inability to apply it outside of Forge.

-BEST MATCH WITHOUT TANK OR BANSHEE- 17 and 10 in SWAT on Sword Base recently. 15 headshots, 2 pummels.


> Team Slayer
> Classic Slayer
> Action Sack

> I prefer to keep my distance at all times, but if i have a Sword look out.In objective games i help supres the enemy while covering the objective offense, and in some cases when it is open i advance and help carry the objective (OddBall/CTF/Assault)

> Needle Rifle, Magnum, ODST SMG

> None, Im a footman.

> Passenger, I get dropped off and get out very often.

> On objective it ranges from 30-7 or 10-5 when i go for only the objective. In slayer I go 17 and 9 very often

> A casual that can play serious when it is needed. I like to win but will settle for deafeat when it was a good game.

> I think like 40 and 2 on Team Objective. NOT SPAWN KILLING, just holding our own base.

> “I Like Trains” ASDF Movie, “Y U NO KNOCK?” D* Figures

Lone WOlf depending on who i’m playing with.

Most of the randoms I get matched up with in HR are poop, so I just play for self. No incentive on winning so yea… Thanks alot 343i all my friends are playing something else…

-FAVOURITE PLAYLIST- Living Dead and the Anniversy playlists!

-PLAY STYLE- Flanking

-FAVOURITE WEAPONS- Grenade Launcher, Shotgun, Assualt Rifle.



-AVERAGE KILLS AND DEATHS PER GAME- I usually get between 12 and 30 kills per game with between 5 and 10 deaths.

-YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF AS- Someone who doesn’t care for winning or losing, just as long as I don’t make unforced errors.

-BEST MATCH WITHOUT TANK OR BANSHEE- Alpha Zombies on Reflection, I won the game with 57 points!!!


> what are you like in multiplayer?

MLG pro! Truest me.

mr cheesy I am having trouble believing that but even if you are mlg you can still wright down your playstyle

mr cheesy I am having trouble believing that but even if you are mlg you can still wright down your playstyle

Oops wrote the same thing twice:P

-FAVOURITE PLAYLIST- Anniversary playlists(I tolerated default long enough)

-PLAY STYLE- It depends. I usually support a lot when I play with my friends. I’m more of a FFA player though.

-FAVOURITE WEAPONS- Sniper Rifle, ZB DMR, Classic Pistol and the Grenade Launcher

-FAVOURITE VEHICLES- I don’t really use vehicles much anymore(I used to be Banshee -Yoink!- for a while) but I like to use the Ghost sometimes.


-AVERAGE KILLS AND DEATHS PER GAME- According to my stats 20.44 kills and 9.57 deaths

-YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF AS- Competitive. I try to win and don’t like to lose but I don’t rage if I lose.

-BEST MATCH WITHOUT TANK OR BANSHEE- I don’t know. I had some 25 kills - 0 deaths Perfections in Rumble Pit before and some Oddball games with a +40 K/D but I can’t remember my best one.

-TRADEMARK SLOGAN- “Adapt.” I like to say this to my friends even when it doesn’t make sense :slight_smile: