What are you hoping for the most in halo infinite?

what are you guys hoping for?

I hope to see more of the sandbox, honestly, everything I’ve seen so far has left me wanting for more.

Hype is undeniable, and I really hope 343 finds a way to implement every weapon and vehicle we’ve seen before in a balanced, fun way, even if not at launch we must hope for the inclusion of things like the Falcon, Halo Wars vehicles, the needler rifle.

This is the Halo that should bring ALL of the past elements from the sandbox in one way or another, something H5 managed to do to an extent, so I hope it continues here in an even better way.

Split screen for one, I really enjoyed playing all the halo games with my kids (except Halo 5). Other then that I’m hoping for a good story in the campaign. I’m a big fan of the halo lore and hope they can bring a great story to the campaign. A well rounded multiplayer would be nice as well.

im hoping for a great a campaign and as much as i want to just be able to chill and play socially sometimes, i hope there is a really good competitive scene as well

A campaign made by people who love the games that they make, and hopefully a great ending to Chief’s story.

A distinct skill gap and robust ranking system

I want something that is new and different. I want it to feel Halo but I don’t want to feel like I am playing the same game with a different title, I want something new and exciting that makes me want to learn the game again.

I am really hoping that the upcoming Halo Infinite looks really good especially when it comes to the story and the gameplay in the campaign levels.

I am hoping that the wait was worth it.

An excellent campaign. By the looks of it the story will be based on elements of odst, reach, and ce, with gameplay elements from the other games.
I really hope they finish the character arc of chief and cortana - theyre getting a bit old.

That the game delivers. With it being released on both console and PC it should have a great big player base that will be worth 343’s time post release.

Forge Infinite maybe extending over to campaign to some capacity. I don’t mean altering a level’s geometry, but placing enemies, weapons, and vehicles to your liking. Creating and sharing these scenarios would mean a significant boost to replayability for those less concerned with multiplayer.

A moment like this https://youtu.be/S8vPDZWdJKY?t=450 Where everyone from the unsc, the swords of sangheilios, the banished, the covenant to the created and the prometheans unite against the flood in a huge epic battle with the gravemind coming back as the final boss.

A good, solid, enjoyable story and top notch multiplayer.

I want a return to some of the more gung-ho attitude and humorous styles of storytelling in the campaign. I feel like a lot of that has been missing in 4 and Guardians. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to become this highly comedic and cheesy game. I still enjoy the character growth they gave Chief in 4. He just seems to be filled with all this self doubt and have a more morose personality. That can work well with his personal relationship issues, but when he’s taking on aliens in battle I want him to be almost overly confident that he can take out anything in his way. I want him dropping one liners like “I need a weapon” with some swagger and having great cocky moments like when the camera cuts to him just tossing a grenade up and down in The Maw on CE. Deeper storytelling is great, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with the character.

I’m really hoping for some persistence in the campaign and multiplayer. By that, I mean I hope to see a really solid and emotional story with the Chief that is contained and concluded (for the time), and I am really hoping they have some PvE modes that take place in the campaign playspace where we get to use our multiplayer Spartans. Something like a more well developed Spartan Ops would be nice, but I have high expectations with the mention of DLC campaigns.