What are you favorite Weapons and Vehicles?

I want to know what Vehicles and Weapons other Halo players like most. I personally like the Banshee Ultra and The Answer the best.

BR, Tactical Magnum, Blaze of Glory, Answer, ONI Warthog, Hannibal Mantis and Scorpion, normal Wasp.

Assault Rifle and Scorpion.
Tanks beat everything.

The banshee ultra and halo 2 battle rifle

All the Hannibal Vehicles, the Ultra Vehicles, the shield, auto medic, and ammo mod. I also like the h2 BR, the tactical magnum, and the 2 highest point costing DSRs. Wraiths i don’t use much or Banshees, but love the Wasps.

My favorite weapon in Halo 5 is the Halo 2 battle rifle. I honestly wish there was a Halo 2 BR starts gametype in matchmaking. Freaking love the halo 2 battle rifle :+1:

I’ve been using the Wasps alot more and for weapon I would have to go with the classic Spnkrs

Carbine and ghost, all day, every day.

DMR and the Banshee Ultra. Runners up include the Endgame Spartan Laser and the Ghost Ultra

  • Weapon: Halo 2 Battle Rifle

  • Vehicle: Scorpion - Vehicle Variant: Hannibal Scorpion

Nornfang and Hannibal Scorpion all the way.

Halo 2 BR, Whipash, and any type of Banshee.

Wasp(any variant) & Long Barrel Sentinel DMR.

H2 br, Saw, Ghost Ultra

Laser pointer & dampener AR.

Tactical Magnum

Halo 2 Battlerifle

Dampener DMR

Energysword and Guess Warthog

Whiplash is fast and affective but so is the Answer, so either one of those and the ghost or banshee ultra.

Favorite Loadout Weapons:

H5 standard Magnum

CE Pistol - as a Loadout Weapon like it was in the CE Throwback playlist

Favorite REQ/Power Weapons:

Hydra Launcher
Whispered Truth



Any sniper is my favorite, followed closely by The Answer and the railgun.
As for vehicles, the Scorpion, Ghost, and anything that flies.

Railguns and the Hannibal Wasp are my picks.