What are you favorite scenes in the halo trilogy

What are you favorite ending scenes in the halo trilogy.

Mine are.

-The Covenant Are on The Planet Reach

-ONI: Sword Base

-Tip of the Spear

-Long Night of Solace & Exodus

-New Alexandria

-The Package

-The Pillar of Autumn

-Lone Wolf

-The Discovery of Installation 04

-The Silent Cartographer

-The Assault on The Control Room

-The Discovery of The Flood

-The Library

-Two Betrayals

-Oh I See, I Need To Calibrate The…, Oh Sorry

-The Last Scene That We See Captain Jacob Keyes

-And The Horse You Rode In on

-The Destruction of Installation 04

-Give The Covenant Back Their Bomb

-The Prophet of Regret Bugging Out

-The Discovery of Installation 05

-Death of The Prophet of Regret

-The Attempted Activation of Installation 05 & Finish The Fight

-The Artifact

-The Arrival at The Ark Installation

-The Premature Activation of Installation 04B

-The Ending of Halo 3


Explosion of first Halo

ODSTs dropping in (Halo 2 and Halo 3 ODST has this)

Creepy entrance (343 guilty spark (level in which you first meet the flood)

Only keyes is bad–Yoink- enough to ram a pair of Hunters with a covenant dropship (ending cutscene of Truth and Reconciliation)

That grunt just wet itself (beginning cutscene of assault on the control room)

Yes Cortana he did that on purpose because he is bad–Yoink- (beginning cutscene of the maw)

I thought grenades were smaller than that? (second cutscene of the maw)

Tell that to the covenant (The Heretic)

Fire your guns its time to run blow me away (that battle between covenant loyal to elites and covenant loyal to brutes in the mausoleum of the arbiter in the second to last Master Chief mission of Halo 2 and yes I know it is not a cutscene but still)

Yes half jaw, being outnumbered by brutes three to one is fair but then again I guess Elites would think that (beginning cutscene of the Ark)

The best of them all when truth dies and his pathtic scream.

Halo CE:

  • The intro that began it all. “Cortana, all I need to know is did we lose them?”
  • Crash landing on Halo. “We’ll be fine…”
  • The Truth and Reconciliation, Keyes proving to be a master of piloting the Spirit. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Introduction of the Flood.
  • The opening of The Maw.
  • The ending of The Maw.

Halo 2:

  • Thel’s trial.
  • John riding the space-pickle and blowing up the Covenant ship.
  • Regret fleeing Earth.
  • Death of Regret and subsequent intro of the Gravemind dragging John down through the water.
  • Changing of the Honour Guard.
  • The convergence of the storylines with the Gravemind.
  • The ending that pissed so many people off.

Halo 3:

  • The ending of The Storm when the Excession activates.
  • The protagonists meeting on the Sahdow of Intent.
  • Arrival at the Ark.
  • All of the Covenant, especially Truth’s death.
  • The ending.


  • The whole game, not a single dull moment in the storyline. The scenes that stand out…
  • Opening drop sequence.
  • Audio logs.
  • Soundtrack playing at night in the silent city.
  • Squad vs Chieftain.
  • Discovery of Vergil after seeing all the Audio logs.
  • Killing the Rogue Cop after discovering the body of Doctor Endesha.
  • The ending.
  • The Legendary ending.


  • Opening ‘5 Long Years’ cutscene.
  • Introduction of Ripa and Regret.
  • Arrival at Arcadia, first seeing the Spartans on camera.
  • Going to the Shield World and seeing the Flood.
  • Interrogation of Anders.
  • Opening of the Shield World’s docking port with the SoF being dragged into the darkness.
  • Clash with the Covenant Destroyer.
  • Anders activating the Apex.
  • Spartans vs Elites, Forge vs Ripa.
  • The ending.


  • Opening of Tip of the Spear.
  • Opening of New Alexandria.
  • Opening of Lone Wolf.

My single favorite scene is immediately after ONI Alpha Site in ODST, where the Rookie just watches the burning skyline of Old Mombasa across the water and the Orbital Tether.

It’s kind of humbling, actually.

In all of Halo, its probably every Cutscene where the Chief speaks. And the bits where Halsey speaks. And Miranda Keyes’ death. And Sergeant Johnson’s death. And 343’s death.