What are you doing?

We used to love Halo. All of them, when Reach came out most everybody said it sucked, well look at this stuff happening now. CoD getting hated on and we aren’t joining up to shove it aside, instead we’re bickering and whining when we could be making Halo better by giving real feedback like e-mails and other stuff. We need to get together and make our small groups into a community again.

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Halo is changing, for some in a good way, some in a bad way, try to make it better.

I participate in their feedback surveys. Not every single survey, but most of them. Whether they actually read it or not is on them. Sending them emails isn’t going to do any good, I doubt they read emails when they have all these other designated areas for feedback. I’m not sure what else you could want me to do.

HaloFollower didn’t provide any solutions. He just praised 343i for giving us the tools to make Halo better (which, they sort of did yet sort of didn’t). Man, he was just a mess in that video too. Stuttering and coming up with arguments like “abilities have been in Halo since Ce, look at flashlight”.

“We need to come together.” Yeah that’s a nice sentiment and all but it’s not going to happen when people have polar opposite views on everything.