What are you doing to pass the time?

Just a question to the community. What are you doing to pass the time until November 6?
I have been making a Scout helmet. I already have the base and now I need to cover it with plaster cloth and paint it.


Playing reach :frowning:

Well apart from school and studying, i’ll be playing Forza Horizon for the next week, and will be tossing it out the window when halo 4 comes out, which is also cup day for Us Melbournians.

Working, and I’m playing the first Darksiders, I got it years ago and need to finish it as I want the second, I was hammering Reach at one time, but to be honest I’m done with it, too much Halo 4 in my head lol.

School, playing good old original xbox games such as turok evolution and buffy the vampire slayer.
As above, we have cup day for us.

Playing Halo: Reach multiplayer for a final HOO-RAH! and getting Assassins Creed 3 in the next 2 days. :slight_smile:

Serious Sam BFE/FE/SE until AC3 comes out, then AC3 till Halo 4 comes out.

coming to waypoint, hanging on the BSN to see if Bioware will wake the hell up, watching FUD working

Reach, working, more working, more working, going crazy, going more crazy, Halo Waypoint Forums posting and rocking back and forth, curled in a corner.

Finally completing all of the achievements in Halo: CEA, as well as playing Forza Horizon then Need for Speed Most Wanted.

But mostly I’m trying to get support for my Extra Life cause this year, as I’m not going to be playing Halo 4 until November 10th! Then playing it for 24 hours straight, streaming the whole thing.

Playing Skyrim and TF2 on PC, trying to get used to using a 360 controller again so playing a few games of Reach every now and then.

Sitting in the corner of my room in the faetle position rocking back and forth waiting, just waiting for the Midnight launch…

Playing Heroes of MaM 3!

420 and halo:reach, mostly 420


Grinding in a RPG, boring I know.

Keep re watching FUD ep4!

Every time the chief assassinates the elite gives me chills…

And proceeding to annoy my co workers with reenactments of the chief as well.

Soooo many college assignments. when Nov. 6 comes I can/will be a completely useless human being.

Play other games, finish chronological walkthrough with friend, and then wait.

It’s been five years, five long years.

I think I can handle one more week…I hope.