I do not want unlocks and loadouts in my halo. Sprinting, reduced jump height, perks and now this. Next thing you know we’ll have iron sights and kill streaks.
If I want to play call of duty, ill -Yoinking!- play call of duty. You were suppose to love Halo that’s why you were going to keep making it and let Bungie go and do its own thing. But you are ruining the game. For the love of God please stop.

The phrase “call of duty” should really be censored to “Yoink!” on these forums. Saying “I DON’T WANT CALL OF DUTY: IN SPACE” isn’t a justified argument. It is irrelevant. If you don’t like the perk system , than just address your problems with it. There is no need to bring up Call of Duty.
Sprinting is not a Call of Duty feature anyway.
Jump height is increased.
Iron Sights are already confirmed NOT to be in the game.

You are obviously incredibly uniformed, not to mention barely any info has been released yet. Not enough for anyone to know what the multiplayer will be like.

As far as I believe, it’s called HALO 4, if you didn’t know.

They’re creating a game, so shut up and let them do it.

I’m starting to ignore anyone who has the default avatar emblem and has less than ten posts.

Has it only been about 3 days since the last -Yoink-storm of ragers? I thought that would be over for awhile, guess I was wrong.

343i is making Halo 4 whether you like it or not. They’re implementing those things whether you like it or not. I, as I have said COUNTLESS other times in many threads, am in no way liking all of the things 343i is implementing, but I am willing to give them a chance which I see many people on this forum are not.

Sit back, relax, and wait. E3 is coming up and that’s when things really begin to be released to the public.

Jesus, if you ever played CoD you might notice that not even the old ones are similar to Reach.