What Are You After!

What’s the primary thing your hoping to get in a REQ pack.

I’m hoping to get some of those awesome guns that I saw in the beta… plus some of those assassination moves too…

Noble armor and some new assassinations

I don’t know, I hope it’ll glitch and give me everything out of the box. Nah, any of the main character armors are fine with me really. Especially Buck, Lockes or Linda’s armors. But to be honest, I just to play!

Mostly interested in the armors and weapon skins. Not really interested in anything else. I’ll likely end up sitting on all my single use weapon cards, then blow them all at once in a few warzone games.

Armors, assassinations, and visors.

I only really care about the assassinations lol I don’t care about armor.

Armor and visors

ODST stuff like the pistol and the SMG