What Are We Missing?


Read below post. I was looking for something then found out after continued searches.

Ah no no no, I found it after more continued browsing.

> “What does #HuntTheTruth have to do with the dash in the title of the MCC after the most recent update? As Ben said, maybe we need to go back and replay it… Search for that “loose thread.” I think for John the loose thread has to do with what the Librarian’s imprint did to him on Requiem in Halo 4.
> Sometimes you have to go back and look for it… That single thread… Out of place… -
> Bravo has already teased us in a recent interview when questioned regarding the dash… He said, “It’s not a natural formation so it must lead somewhere…” This quote is obviously taken from a Cortana quote from Halo CE but the point is that the dash appears to be there on purpose. I can’t help but suspect that it’s somehow connected to #HuntTheTruth and/or #HuntTheSignal.”

From the latest HunttheTruth episode discussion thread.

SO, now we have something to discuss!

Personally, building on my OP, I was rereading the adjuncts of the 2010/11 reprints and the story Petra comes to mind.

So, assuming that we’re revisiting old content, especially things from the games, we have this loose end to discern:

The Ark.

What about the Ark? First, let us examine the theoretically “loose end” then mounting evidence to suggest it is an area of focus.

Loose End: Cortana’s quote, end of the level Floodgate:

> But it doesn’t know about the Portal, where it leads. On the other side, there’s a solution. A way to stop the Flood, without firing the remaining Halo rings.

As observed in the story “Petra”, she too is deeply disturbed by the unknown meaning of using the Ark to stop the Flood without utilizing the Halo rings. It’s a plot point introduced in Halo 3 that’s never really resolved or followed up on to my knowledge, outside of Petra’s queries.

Recent Potential Evidence:

-“Petra” - A story whose big mystery, as mentioned, focuses on this great unknown - the other thing which may stop the Flood on the Ark.

-#HunttheTruth - Petra is a big player in #HunttheTruth, and this mystery could very well become relevant in it. Also the likely “more-serious-than-Covenant” deep space anomalies occurring during this ARG.

-Hunters in the Dark - A story set to release this year which takes place on the Ark.

-Halo 5 Announcement Trailer (2013) - A lot of evidence has pointed to it taking place on the Ark.

-While perhaps simply a playful response, Bravo’s quote is also, incidentally, from Cortana and may have been a subtle hint as to where to look.

If anybody has information that makes this point moot, feel free to share. Otherwise, I encourage everybody to indulge in their curiosities as to what loose ends there are.

I don’t think the plot was “never resolved”. I’m pretty sure that Cortana was indeed talking about Installation 04b. Not firing the remaining Halo rings (in the galaxy) meant firing Installation 04b on the Ark (once High Charity had followed humanity and the Covenant). It was in this way that the Flood could be eliminated without firing the ‘real’ Halo Array. Halo 3’s plot also suggests this was the original interpretation, with the revealing of Installation 04b at the end of “The Covenant” and the mission to use Alpha Halo’s original activation index in order to activate the replacement ring. This was Cortana’s plan all along.


I think your analysis is very pertinent. As often, 343i can give new meanings to things established by Bungie. In my opinion, the most significant piece of evidence so far is what you said about the short story “Petra”. Since Petra has become more and more important in the Halo universe, it is very likely that her guess was a hint given by 343i. Just like Lasky who had been mentioned in the story.

How could Cortana have known about the replacement of Installation 04? The “solution” was most probably 032 Mendicant Bias, who had a vast knowledge of the Flood, and a fragment was situated on High Charity.

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> How could Cortana have known about the replacement of Installation 04? The “solution” was most probably 032 Mendicant Bias, who had a vast knowledge of the Flood, and a fragment was situated on High Charity.

I’m sure Cortana could have found out by combing the databanks of High Charity. The Prophets were aware of the existence of the Ark, they just had a fairly inaccurate concept of it. Also Gravemind was fully aware of the presence of the Ark and its function, he was just unable to access the portal or ascertain its specific location, all of which was carefully hidden from him. So that is two ways Cortana could have easily became aware of her “solution to the flood.” I’ve always felt that Cortana somewhat tricked the gravemind into taking itself to the Ark to be eliminated, although this belief of her tricking the gravemind is just an opinion as there isn’t much proof of the matter.