What are these weird lights?

I was playing Keyes, looking for Moas and I looked up into a hidden room and saw two lights I’d never noticed before. Decades ago, we’d catalogued all of the anomalies in the levels and I’m pretty sure this wasn’t there before, so it’s something 343 introduced (maybes gearbox.)

Upon getting inside, where Cortana says she can’t access the ships schematics, go to the second little hole in the ceiling along the path by the two fatties. There are two random lights there.

I grenade jumped up to get a better look:

Someone in discord mentioned they could be the tips of banshee wings. This might make sense as when I switched to anniversary graphics, they have no asset (I assume the lights are just part of the banshee model in anniversary and not separate objects.)

But then the question is: why are they here? I know 343 was playing with this level as there was a trigger volume that moved a few feet last season for seemingly no reason.

I turned on stream after noticing them, and fail the jump a few times, but you can see them in the first minute of this stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1684553770

Someone else seems to think they are the source of sparks normally and the sparks effect isn’t working.