What are the Top 3 things holding you back in Infinite?

  • Lack of actual content (not skins, colors and all that useless crap). We needed (as in too late) maps, modes, vehicles and weapons.

  • Predatory and greedy monetisation that puts EA to shame in some areas.

  • Technical issues that can’t/won’t be fixed. Very questionable choices that have been there since the tech test.

Extra point: Developer that straight up lies to the players. Just read up on the old blog posts regarding progression, battle pass, customisation etc.


Desync is still bad

Motivation to play the game is down bad because of a lack of community modes and maps

343 has yet to give me all the stuff that I had earned so why bother even trying to earn stuff if it has a random chance of “oops, you didn’t get it and we will not respond to your inquiries”

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I’ve never had quite as much trouble aiming in Halo as I do Infinite. I’ve never been a great shot outside of Halo CE PC back in the day, but it just feels so bad in Infinite.



My own rage


  1. Desync - (And I live in America)
  2. The story - Its like halo infinite is like “ooh, we have a story…That we update once every 3 months.”
  3. Forge and split-screen Campaign - I don’t wanna have to pay 60 bucks to play with my Friends in the same location, I also don’t want to have my friends waste those 60 bucks either
  4. Lack of updates- I mean Fortnite adds like three new things once a week and HI adds something new once a month, Like we have to wait till next year to get the bandit rifle which is already completely finished and would fit in perfectly
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These are like the three staple items this game should’ve launched with but did not.

  1. Desync
  2. Lack of Splitscreen Co-Op
  3. Lack of Mission Replay
  4. Lack of Red Reticle
  5. Stupid Paywall that is the Shop (I shouldn’t have to pay for armor, everything should be unlockable through gameplay)
  6. Lack of Forge/CGB at the same time
  7. Lack of any PvE modes outside of Campaign (I.E. Firefight, Spartan Ops, etc.)
  8. Inferior match composer to MCC.
  9. No easy way to progress Battle Pass outside of Challenges
  10. Nothing to do after completing the Campaign 100% (I want a Scarab Raid Boss that unlocks more fun stuff)
  11. No classic maps from previous Halo titles (I want quality remakes of maps like Vahalla, Blood Gulch, Last Resort, etc.)
  1. Desync
  2. Difficulty to grind ranked when using kbm compared to controller
  3. Cheat
  4. Lack of competitive and original maps
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  1. Progression
  2. Campaign replayability
  3. Unstable jitters, et cetera
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  1. Desync
  2. SBMM
  3. Nonexisting Progression System
  1. Desync
  2. Better SBMM, current system makes every single game you play sweaty which with the lack of ‘fun’ playlists makes it feel like you can never relax playing online
  3. More Content
  4. Pretty specific for this one but I’d like to see the story rewritten and take place after Halo 4, seeing the return of the forerunners and having the whole galaxy at war. The forerunners, covenant, humanity, and the flood.
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Never gonna happen. lol

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Lack of content


All my friends uninstalled the game months ago.

Honourable Mention: SBMM combined with very small player count

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Right! Like every new Halo game that came out had these classic maps somewhat in them. Maybe they’re about to be added?

There’s like a dozen things and it’s hard to pick the top 3, but okay…

  1. Multiplayer being visually and audially childish and lame (I can elaborate more on that if anyone cares to know exactly what I mean). The fact that it’s now T-rated like Fortnite contributes significantly to that. Honestly it’s a really meh underwhelming experience.
  2. No custom game browser. It should be at least as informative and powerful as Halo CE’s.
  3. No chatting.

in general a big lack of content, i can divide that into a whole damn essay. no true freedom of customization, it feels so restrictive by grinding stupid challenges and monetization along with how they designed it, id say the amount of cosmetics is also a problem. there’s also the problem of the xp and leveling up system, they’re finally fixing it but it shouldn’t have been a problem to begin with.

Well. As a Halo fanboy since 11/15/2001.

  1. Missing co-op. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have a lot of great memories playing co-op throughout the years.

  2. Lack of story content. When I say lack I mean the holes in the story from Halo 5 to Halo Wars 2 to Infinite. I have so many questions.

  3. Multiplayer seems very blah to me. I just can’t get into it.

I am going to use this post to get my feedback in, as I do not see a create topic on the forum.
I few things that I felt halo infinite needs.

  1. The take down ability from halo reach.
  2. The game needs to be a hell of allot more brutal then it is now. I am not talking about difficulty. Blood, guts you name it. Nothing in the other halo games left you with a sense of rainbows and sunshine.
  3. The academy needs to be reworked story wise. Spartan armor kills normal humans because they end up tearing apart there own bodies. only augmented humans can wear spartan armor. This is why you do not see Marines in spartan armor.
  4. This point is controversial but I think it needs to happen. People need to be able to choose at least one of there starting weapons in multiplayer. To be clear I am talking human weapons. and obviously the spanker would not be apart of that choice. Even the sniper rifle has its limits due to ammo. I would prefer it required people to hold there breath to shoot, and after words breath so heavily that you could not possibly line up another shot anytime soon, like the older games.

Just the thoughts of one player.

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Exactly! This is my primary issue with this game. I’ve never been so bored in a Halo multiplayer game. No impactful explosions and without smoke and ground scorching, lots of lame sound effects, lame non-lasting special effects, non-lasting dead bodies, no dead bodies flying from explosions, tiny bullet decals that disappear within 2 seconds and before you notice any of them, announcers with kid voices, no blood when shot, no blood pools, no player collisions, lame vehicles that have many shortcomings and disabilities (e.g. can’t climb up pavements, can’t fly in circles), no chatting with the enemy etc. etc. etc. :yawning_face: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:

The fact that I can specify more than ten ways in which Halo Infinite multiplayer battles are inferior to a 20-year old Halo multiplayer game, is really infuriating. I now expect Halo 7 to be a crossover with Teletubbies and E-rated… won’t come as a surprise.

Yeah, definitely a long a shot haha. Would have been such a better story than Guardians IMO.