What are the Top 3 things holding you back in Infinite?

For me it is

  1. Playing Solo - I’m good but not good enough to routinely carry a team

  2. Smurfing - At my level the problem is constant

  3. Aim system - the more options to tweak the harder it seems to align them. Give me 1 to 10 sensitivey option any day


1 for me is the aim system. More than anything, the lack of a reticle slowdown bubble around the enemy player makes aiming just feel super jank to me. Sure you can snap to an enemy faster than ever, but micro-adjusting your aim is super punishing, because any amount of time your reticle is not red your look speed is jacked back up, and reticles are both smaller than ever, and aren’t always properly synced to their red reticle radius, often needing to be even closer than they look to actually grant reticle slowdown. Previous games allowed you to go off-reticle but maintain your lowered sensitivity to make fine aim, and adjust in front of the enemy player’s movements.

2 is network stability. It’s just plain unacceptable in the modern gaming environment. Halo Reach back in 2010 delivered an online gaming experience that managed to feel lag free consistently. How hasn’t 343 managed to do something about desync this far into the game’s lifecycle?

3 and finally is the purely cosmetic focus of the live team. 343 seems to have this idea in their heads that providing us with an endlessly expanding array of character customization options is the same as content. It’s not even close. Character customization is one of the smallest parts of what people actually play the game for. I’ve NEVER felt the need to unlock everything cosmetically in any game, much less Halo. I’m far more interested in maps, game modes, forge, coop, firefight, new campaign add-ons, new weapons and vehicles to play with etc. But the gross majority of content being shoveled out to us is cosmetics and those cosmetics are only going to keep getting sillier with time.


As a non-american player?

  1. Desync

  2. Desync

  3. Desync

  1. Aiming- it’s just dreadful to aim right now.

  2. No progression- Still waiting on a proper system that encourages the player to play their way and not the way the game wants you to.

  3. Desync- I think this issue speaks for itself.




Coop campaign.




  1. Interest in playing the game

Not sure what more to add, this series could use a miracle right now.

  1. Lack of focus
  2. I am worse at longer ranges
  3. Teammates running away in the middle of a fight

Especially teammates running away.

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  1. The handicap KBM receives
  2. Lack of maps/No remade classic maps
  3. Both 1 and 2
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  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 3

That’s all.

  1. FORGE!
  2. Getting The Custom Games Area Fixed!
  3. Custom Game Browser!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:


scuffed controller aiming
quality of maps

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1 desync

2 screwed ranking AND non existing progression system. Tgeres no reason to sweat for the win

3 US servers. As long as theres no geo filtering I can’t take the game serious…

oh and let me add a fourth:

4 no ranked slayer and no specific ranked playlists like btb, objective, hardcore/normal team slayer.

  1. Aiming. Especially on PC, without an Xbox controller, it is hard to aim at enemies. It makes weapons that might be otherwise good less viable, and the game overall less enjoyable, at least to me.
  2. Gameplay, particularly the “modernizations.” I don’t like Clamber, I don’t like Sprint and I don’t like Slide. Give me a playlist with those off and on classical maps, and I’ll redownload Halo Infinite tonight.
  3. Desync. Probably the biggest issue with the game, and contributes most to my feeling that everything is off. Did I really get killed? Did that Rocket really detonate even though my ammo went down?
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No collision


Frag grenades are like ping pong balls, and inconsistent

  1. Desync.

  2. Content / Forge.

  3. Lack of XP progression / rank.

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  1. Desync
  2. Aiming
  3. Overly strict SBMM in non-ranked playlists

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The same thing that kept me from getting halo 4, and halo 5,

1.Sprint, Clamber, hit indicators, all the things that don’t belong in a decent halo game.

Take these away and make the maps smaller and I would give it a shot. Until then it’s not a real halo game.


lack of (good) Maps
game modes
nade spam/lack of FF

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weekly dreadful chores (challenges)

slow drip feed gradual release of cosmetics

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  1. No consistent BR starts, sorry I hate the sidekick and still see the most likely cheaters using it, not the br. Still hear the weird sidekick spam audio noise, not sure if bug or macro or something along those lines. Related - thanks to csr restrictions, can’t play with half my friends, again we prefer BR starts, we’d literally rather just play a different game if we can’t play BR starts together.

  2. Desync and lack of server consistency. Can play back to back games at 20 ping and they feel vastly different, very frustrating.

  3. Cheaters across the board. Aim botters, wall hacks, csr manipulators, there’s probably more but I don’t really follow infinite much anymore. Hard to take the game remotely seriously when you run into them knowing that even if you do report them and they get banned, they will be back in seconds.

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