what are the so called halo reach"changes"

you cant absolutely tell me anything because i know what im saying, you(343) promissed more balance for reach, such as dmr bloom fix and so on, now, the dmr is a serius problem and herez why
1)Its accurate, but the bloom is an absolute GARBAGE, it needs to be fixed, itz unbelievably unbalanced, we need skill, not luck, halo has always been about its fans, skill, and fun, it kills the gameplay, (bloom killed halo) i will provide you a proof with a youtube link i will later post
2) pistol… What the hell… Come on, everyone knows whats wrong with the pistol, if you add this up in swat…terribly, unbearably, horrible gameplay this pistol provides,
3) sniper bloom, i will give you a youtube link and youll see what i mean with sniper bloom,
4) reticle bloom is everywhere in this game, i love reticle bloom BUT, come on, bloom in the pistol and dmr? Over exagerated opening in that bloom, is absolutely horrible. Ive shot people in the face with dmr and pistol and NOTHING HAPPENS, thats right, IVE EVEN SEEN BLOOD COME OUT OF THEIR FACES AND NOTHING. With sniper and pistol, i will of course tried to provide you links in youtube so you can see this horrible innaccuracy and bloom issue for yourselves, im a diehard long time halo fan, ive played halo 1 since i was 6, halo 2 when i was 9, halo 3 when i was 11, i am now on reach, i am 16, and this bloom issue litteraly kills tge game, YES halo reach is the shame amongst the amazing halo games, but this really upsets me, please fix this bloom, do not completely take it off, but fix the exaggeration of opening it has on dmr and pistol, my older brother played halo 4 and i was happy when he told me bloom wasnt like reach and the classic halo feel halo 4 had, please look towards this issue, or give me advice with this bloom i am so not used to at all, love you 343, the best halo game developers

What playlist are you playing?

Bloom has been an issue ever since Reach came out, and with the TU, 343i attempted to fix it. If you haven’t noticed it, they’ve toned it down to 85%, which is now perfectly bearable and almost not even noticeable at most ranges. As snickerdoodle said, maybe you’re still playing a non-TU playlist, such as Team Slayer, which is why you’re still noticing the drastic bloom. Go play super slayer and you might notice a difference.

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> What playlist are you playing?

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